ten inches


Instead of the modest trim I’d been meaning to get for months, I recently decided to embrace my hormonal postpartum mama drama and get a real haircut. I didn’t want anything drastic, by way of style or color. But I’d always wanted to donate, which meant a minimum of ten inches had to go. And go it did.


I’m not great with short hair. I’ve done it once or twice and haven’t really excelled. If I’m being honest, long hair is part of my identity, and it has been for most of my life. But I’m feeling good about this season, and I’m ready to have fun with this “clavicut” as it grows back out. I may not be #wildandfree yet, but I’m on my way.


shirt c/o SheDoesJustice

5 thoughts on “ten inches”

  1. It looks great! I struggled with the same “identity” crisis – would I be me with shorter hair? But change is good and it’s given me an opportunity to not rely so much on something external to feel beautiful!

    You look wonderful no matter what!

  2. I LOVE it (and am having a little chuckle at that being “short” because if I could ever get my hair that long without chopping it I’d be THRILLED).

    You look lovely, as always. And good for you donating…I’ve always wanted to but can’t ever seem to get my hair long enough to get to that point. XOXO.

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