steppin out SUNDAY

Friday & Saturday evenings weren’t exactly steppin’ out material. Our weekend was full of dead car batteries, hot weather, fussy babies, grocery shopping, laundry, guitar playing, & kitchen cleaning. Nonethless, we put on our Sunday best…and if I wear heels or lipstick these days, you’d better believe I’m gonna document it somehow!
Because my husband has to be at the church early, I am responsible for taking care of all of the kids on Sunday mornings. This time, I just had the little three. The big boys spent a few days with their mom at the beach, and I picked them up on the way to church. So only members of the Kincaid Parade who were actually at home Sunday morning got their picture taken (by my handy iPhone).
Isaiah Jane
dress: gifted, handmade
t-shirt: hand-me-down

Honor Rose
dress & bloomers: thrifted
Ames Emmanuel
overalls: vintage, Momma’s from babyhood
t-shirt: Babies R Us
shoes: Chuck Taylors, thrifted
bibkerchief: gifted, Plain Jane Threads

Sweater: Target
Tank: American Apparel
Pants: Gap
Belt: from high school
Wedges: Steve Madden
And off to church we went!

8 thoughts on “steppin out SUNDAY”

  1. Beautiful!!! you look AMAZING. Dang girl. And I totally feel you on the rarity of lipstick wearing; sad thing is, i only have one little and I have a hard time getting myself done up. But when it does happen, you better believe it will be documented! Love your blog!!!

  2. So jealous you fit into your jeans already! I can’t get mine buttoned yet. You look great and so do the kids!!
    emnoll54 – Erin

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