Sparrow Song…


Our friends Mark & Jessie recently welcomed their second child, Sparrow Song, into the world.

Sparrow has two congenital heart issues that must be fixed surgically within the first few years of life. She underwent her first operation on Friday morning, at four days old.

She did very well and is expected to join her parents and big brother Noah at home sometime next week.

My husband, Christopher Kincaid, recorded a song a few years back, when we were dating. It was one of those spur-of-the-moment things that hit artists, and he lay down the track quicky and simply. He called it, “Bird Sonnet.” I guess he wasn’t sure what would come of it, because it sat on his computer for a long time. Until now… it is for Sparrow Song Mathis. It is her song now.

Please give “Bird Sonnet” a listen. Consider buying it for whatever you can afford. 100% of the proceeds go to Mark & Jessie, as they fight for Sparrow’s heart for the next few years.

<a href="">Bird Sonnet by Christopher Kincaid</a>

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