so long, winter skin.

With winter nearly behind us, I figured it was time to come up for air and share some of our favorite cold-weather skincare products. As you can see in the above photos, Ames battles chapped cheeks all winter long. He also has a nasty habit of wiping his nose across his face, making matters worse. The girls’ sweet little legs stay rough most of the cold season, and the rest of us get the typical dry itchy stuff. So what works? We’ve found quite a few skin treats we love!

BabyGanics Daily Lotion. Head to toe, morning and night.
BabyGanics Excema Care Cream. Head to toe, after baths.
California Baby Diaper Rash Cream. On chapped spots; not just for bottoms.
Sugar Bear Skincare Excema Salve. Arms and legs, after baths.
Aquaphor. Old faithful; on face before outdoors and bedtime.

Although I’ve collected them throughout the years, almost all of these products can be purchased at The Baby Grocery Store. Don’t forget, online shoppers enjoy free shipping on most items! Hopefully, we’ll be able to take it down to just one or two items once the weather turns warm. We’ll see. Until then, we’ll keep slatherin’ and soothin’ with what we’ve got!

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  1. Found the answer to my twitter question from earlier ;-)
    PS I keep telling Scott we need to move to the carolinas the weather is way nicer than the DC area. At least we get to take our yearly vacation to Myrtle in May :-)

  2. Love the daddy love photobomb in the background! :)

    Umm, also, this is Lila. I’m signed in as some weirdo account from five years ago…? Carry on.

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