Small Moments

P1080444edSeveral years ago, I learned about a concept being taught in elementary schools across the country, as a way to develop writing skills. Several years and schools later, both big boys still use it today. They’re instructed to focus on the small moments when writing papers and brainstorming project ideas.

I happen to appreciate the idea for its emotional and spiritual implications, too. As a result, I’ve incorporated it into my writing and I’ve been intentional about using it when I talk to my kids. What a safe way to get the older ones to open up after a long day at school! What an easy way to help toddlers put words to emotions! What a refreshing way to foster communication in my marriage! The lesson in gratitude goes without mention. Needless to say, this idea of small moments is an absolute game-changer for my family.

Pick one thing that happened at school, and let’s talk about it for a few minutes. Tell me how it made you feel when she took that toy away from you. I liked it when you reached across the car and held my hand. Why do you like the color green so much? Where did you learn about airplanes? What would you like to see on this week’s menu? You make my heart soar when you pick up one of the twins and carry her to the car. You make my heart soar when you stop your tornado long enough to give me a kiss. You make my heart soar when you bring me coffee in bed.

Moms, let’s not get bogged down in the busy. Let’s not get swallowed up in the stressful. Let’s not let crushed by the crazy. Let’s grab hold of the small moments and look them right in the face. Let’s write more about them. Let’s talk to Jesus about them. Let’s marinate on them, and soak them up. After all, small moments are what make up our lives, right?

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  1. I’m a teacher in RH and when I saw you talking about writing and “small moments”, I must admit I cringed a little because we just finished narrative writing this quarter and I can’t tell you how often I reminded my third graders to write about small moments. However, I love the way you were able to relate it to real life. It’s much more rewarding to focus on the little things because, as that quotation goes, in the end we find out they were the big things.

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