second trimester lifesavers

Can you believe it? We’re headed into the home stretch in the next few weeks.
Time to share what’s been keeping me afloat these days…

La Croix flavored sparkling water. Costco sells it in bulk, so I drink it in bulk.

Tofu. Although… maybe I shouldn’t be so specific. To be honest, I’d eat most Asian foods every day if I could.

Compression stockings. Thigh-high, baby. They keep the legs from throbbing and the energy from dropping.

Bubble baths. Don’t tell my kids… I’ve been stealing their product. Lavender forever!

Iced coffee. I don’t discriminate. I’ll drink it from home, Starbucks, Caribou, McDonald’s, and the Vietnamese restaurant.

Mama Bear Body Butter. It goes on like its name, and then it lasts forever. The lemongrass scent is my favorite.

Tell me your secrets… what else should be on this list?!

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