savvy space: master dresser

Not much to show in this room yet, but I’m sure it’ll come together just in time. We’ll Christopher will paint and hang curtains soon, and that’s about all I asked for pre-baby. A few months ago, my mother-in-law asked if we wanted “this old beat-up dresser” of hers. It spent a few decades in my husband’s old bedroom, and I squealed with delight when the boys unloaded it at the farmhouse.

These days, I’m trying to be intentional about maintaining a bedroom free of clutter. Walking into a peaceful, clean space does wonders for my mood! This dresser holds me accountable, as I only allow my daily jewelry to live on top. I reserved the top drawer for my other pieces, as well as wayward hair accessories and other junk that make their way into a mother’s possession throughout the day.

Someday, I’d like to have the two armoires in our room stained to match this piece. But I hear wood staining is a beast of an art, and we’ve already established that an artist I am not. For now, I’ll just pretend that everything else in the room is as beautiful as Grandma’s dresser!

8 thoughts on “savvy space: master dresser”

  1. So pretty! Have you ever thought about writting a blog post about the different jewelery that you wear? I have seen the charm bracelet and wedding rings in some of your IG photos and would love to hear the story behind them. :]

    1. I have thought about a post on the rings, since people have asked. If you’d like to see the whole (small) shebang, maybe I’ll work on one!

    1. Haha! It takes me an extra thirty seconds to close each drawer because they’re so rickety and off-track, but I’m in love.

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