sass & sulk

headband c/o Zuzii

 Isaiah Jane has turned some sort of awkward corner, smack dab into the cutest phase to date. Her eyes are straightening out more, and she knows exactly when she’s getting attention. She randomly yells out NO MA’AM when she’s displeased with one of her siblings, or even the dogs. She asks everyone for kisses, which she calls MUNCH. She knows how to tilt her head and smile shyly, and she usually follows that with a giggle as she covers her face. Her therapist reported five steps unassisted the other day, so we’re on track for walking by age two! We’re smitten.

Honor Rose has become our dainty bruiser. She asks for bows and headbands every day, and she carries around the boys’ sweatbands like bracelets. I’m tempted get her a little purse for her birthday, although Chris might die. In addition, she’s quite the bully. We’ve seen this coming for awhile now, but we’re now able to nip it in the bud with time-outs. She follows directions to sit down and put her hands on her knees! It’s amazing. We keep them short and sweet and ask her to say she’s sorry, which she rarely does. She just stares with those stubborn blue eyes until we tell her she can get up.

Basically, we can’t get enough of them – even when they’re driving us all crazy.
Chris was right… they’re God’s little exclamation points.

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  1. Not sure if you remember me, I’m Megan, used to go to Ridge but we recently moved to Davidson. Miss that sweet church and having such awesome people like you and Laura keep my girl in the nursery!They are so adorable!! I’m loving the headbands, where did you get those? I’m in the market for some for Neely Kate :)

  2. I love reading about your girls! (And all your kiddos.) Isaiah Jane’s headband is so great, I’ve got to get some for my Olive. Thanks for sharing!

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