gifts from the new baby, for big brothers & sisters.

Yesterday marked my last day of work before maternity leave. Over the next several weeks, our lives will change for the better. I’ll learn how to share my body and mother a newborn all over again. There will be sleepless nights and lazy mornings. Blood, sweat, tears, and laughter. I will experience unspeakable pain, unspeakable joy, unspeakable memories.

Y’all. I’m ready.

I couldn’t have said that last month, or even last week. I was too uncomfortable in my body, too worried about laboring early, too focused on the details in adding to our already-large family. But now? Now there’s a peace. The kind that passes understanding. I’m not exactly sure how this baby will arrive, or what name he or she will receive. I don’t know if our kids will be blessed with a brother or a sister. I can’t be certain how long my maternity leave will last. But somehow, none of that matters now.

Items are secured and readied. Hearts are prepared. Minds are stilled.
Baby Kincaid, this family welcomes you.

4 thoughts on “ready.”

  1. Congratulations on your beautiful bebe! I love seeing her pics on your IG and look forward to future posts of how the sisters are all getting along.

    Teghan, MamanVerdant

  2. I love how the Lord gave you His peace right when you needed it! Right before your precious baby girl entered the world. We sure love your family, even though we don’t even hardly know y’all! Hope the post pardum “blues” are a walk in the park. Praying for that as well! You are an inspiring mama:)

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