Reaching for comfort in 2016.

I plan on it this year. Reaching for comfort is actually a New Year’s resolution, of sorts. Notice I’m not saying chasing after comfort. I’m not talking about indulging. I’m talking about acknowledging what’s already here, soaking up the goodness from the Father that exists around me. I’m talking about an extra five minutes in bed with my husband, laughing and preparing for the day. I’m talking about locating and bringing my raincoat with me to work when I hear that it might be storming.

I’ve talked a lot about self-care in the past, and Shauna Niequist did a fantastic job with this post (a year ago exactly, in fact). Like she says, it’s important for us to know and believe our worth. It’s important to take care of ourselves so that we can care well for others. If we’re Jesus followers, it’s important to physically and emotionally and spiritually care for the temple his spirit calls home.

But I’m not really talking about self-care, at least not in the ways I used to. I’m talking about good old-fashioned gratitude. Thanks, God, for this pocket of time to take a bath. I’m gonna use all of the oils and bubbles. Thanks, God, for a job that allows such flexibility. I’m gonna pull over and clean out my car and wash the windows. Thanks, God, for lining up Holy Yoga instructor training this year. I’m gonna put a fancy warm blanket on my hard desk chair, and light a candle for every class. Thanks, God, for a husband who loves adventure in our home. I’m gonna keep buying bottles of wine until we learn to like one.

Here’s to every single candle of mine getting burned to the bottom by summer. Here’s to a couple of extra throw blankets purchased and left meaningfully around the house. Here’s to an empty bottle of the fancy shampoo. Here’s to a commitment to wearing winter gloves. Here’s to running out to my car late, coffee sloshing, because I braided my girls’ hair for school. Here’s to reaching for the goodness and favor of the Father, manifested in small moments of comforts sprinkled around my life.

8 thoughts on “Reaching for comfort in 2016.”

  1. I’m reaching for similar things this year. Feeling very encouraged by this. So glad you’re writing here again.

  2. YES! I call this Jesus-care. Recognizing the ways that God takes care of us and gives us moments/experiences that heal and restore us and bring life to our days. PRAISE!

  3. This post made me feel all warm and cozy and want to take a moment to lift my eyes up and see the fruit that God has placed around for me to enjoy and savor. I’m so glad to get to read your words, friend!

  4. This is lovely and put a real smile on my face. I love the “Thanks God” mentality-I am so quick to forget that the purpose of a father giving good gifts is so they can be enjoyed with gratitude. It’s funny, that gratitude really makes the gift all the sweeter, doesn’t it? Thanks for the reminder!

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