Raise your voice about someone else, for a change.

Part 3 of DEFENSELESS, a collection of thoughts for 2015.

I was raised in a two-parent home where we ate dinner together several nights per week. My mom never had to work and my dad never missed a dance recital or a play or a sporting event. I went to private school and drove my dream car at age sixteen and got to hand-pick my college. At my wedding, my mom helped me get ready and my little brother played a song and my dad walked me down the aisle before paying for it all. I’m embarrassed to say it took me more than twenty years to look that life in the face and acknowledge how blessed and privileged it was.

You may have already heard this spiel recently, but get used to it. I’m going to get mouthy about it this year. I’ve felt some serious freedom from the Lord to open up about my privilege and my desire to listen for the cry in the night. This is way bigger than race, too. This is about proclaiming freedom for people other than myself.

You’re already free, Rach. I set you free a long time ago. You just keep forgetting. Raise your voice about someone else, for a change.

Everyday I meet women locked up in their own fear and insecurity. Everyday I meet people living in the shadows of shame and regret from their own pasts. Everyday I meet someone who’s been burnt by the Church. Those people are worth my volume. If we all spent a little more time proclaiming freedom for others, imagine how much space that would leave in our own lives for God to break chains.

I want to take a good hard look at the way Jesus loved people, and then ask Him to help me walk in that direction. When tense conversations arise and people start getting loud about politics and religion and morality, I want to be found standing on the “wrong” side of the line, arms outstretched with Jesus’ name on my lips. Those stones will have to go through me first.

If you feel like your voice has been shut down or locked up or drowned out, you are my freedom bell. I’m about to do my best to let it ring. Privilege acknowledged. I want to stand for the defenseless.

8 thoughts on “Raise your voice about someone else, for a change.”

  1. I almost just wanted to say “enough said”. Truth be told it’s only the beginning, thank you, I appreciate your blog and your voice, and crave for more blogs like yours. Truth be heard, truth be told, once you know more you do more, there’s more responsibility for your actions to follow. Thank you for your truth.

    1. Thank you for saying that! It’s felt a little shaky walking away from the mommy blogger thing, but I feel like this spot is my new home for the year. Encouragement like yours means a lot.

  2. One of my favorite authors and pastors, Nadia Bolz-Weber, wrote in her book “Pastrix” the following quote that has haunted me in the best way ever:

    “…the thing that sucks is that every time we draw a line between us and others, Jesus is always on the other side of it.”

    And another quote that I keep on my bulletin board (I have no clue who said this but I would love to):

    “For every ‘issue’ there is a person created in God’s image affected by it.”

    Good stuff. I’m still obviously working on this myself.

  3. Wow this is great stuff. At this stage in life I’m trying to figure out what to do with my chains and privilege because there are a lot of people who say, “At least….” And a lot of those people are Christians talking about how we should “count our blessings.” Bleck.

    1. An interesting conversation, for sure. We SHOULD count our blessings, absolutely. I also feel like we overlook the majority of them every single day. Keep it up! Excited to see where this goes for you.

  4. Wow. As a 33 year old woman living in America raising three children I have visited many Churches but have not yet found a home church that I feel follows the path that Jesus walked on this earth. Its always been more of a ” we pity you”, “let us show you a better way” attitude than “you’re welcomed to a seat at the table right next to me, I want to listen”. How can spirit enter the situation when the underlying air of superiority can never be addressed? It’s really beautiful that you’ve decided to listen.

    1. You’re welcome at our table, anytime :)

      In addition, don’t stop thinking like this. I see Jesus in it.

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