Preaching to myself – first, loudest, most.

There’s a beautiful movement building amongst the women of my generation these days. Unlike the days of old, female friendships have become an acceptable idea – celebrated, even. There are #squadgoals and gal pal celebrities cheering for each other at awards shows. There are events and clubs and organizations centered squarely on the mission to help women find community with one another. There are Instagram accounts devoted entirely to cheering women on in their homes and families and workplaces and seasons of life.

I’m a cheerleader by nature. Captain in high school, remember? I love a good team dynamic and I’ve always tried hard (too hard) to get along with the ladies in my life. So recently, I asked the Lord what he wanted me to do with my gifts and my platform and my current season. He answered me crystal clearly.

Your world doesn’t need another woman who’s preaching abundant life from afar. Your world needs a woman who’s actually walking it out, just a few steps ahead.

He told me that my generation and the one coming up behind me will be far more blessed by a woman who’s preaching to herself first, loudest, most.

He told me that when women look at me, they should see a woman who’s tripping on the regular – and getting back up. They should see a woman who’s digging into the Word just as deeply as she’s digging for new ways to say the same thing so people’s eyes and ears will perk up. He told me that his Good News does the job just fine. I ain’t even gotta open my mouth.

Besides, all of that cheer and pep just doesn’t ring as true if it isn’t shifting things in my own life and relationships. If the only Bible verse I’m reading is the one I’m sharing on Instagram, then we have a problem. If the only women I’m leading are my age and on the Internet, then we have a problem. So what does that look like, to walk out in abundance just a few steps ahead of the ones hoping to learn from me? I’m not sure of much else other than it will be messy and full of life. I’m going for it.

6 thoughts on “Preaching to myself – first, loudest, most.”

  1. Yes. The conviction in this is gentle but so true. It’s easier to cheer fellow women on sometimes, shifting my gaze away from what’s going on in my heart and hearing my own words. Thank you for the challenge. It will be messy! But God will meet me there.

  2. Yes. Love this. Love you. Love your leadership and your willingness to be led. And that you’re letting the Lord lead you first. We all need a Paul and we all need a Timothy, and we have to be willing to be both when the Lord calls us to that place.

  3. First, this “If the only Bible verse I’m reading is the one I’m sharing on Instagram, then we have a problem..” YES!

    But second, this whole post. The Lord did the most preaching and teaching a life-giving to the twelve of his friends. And these were the ones who went and changed the world.

    Love your writing friend.

  4. Rach – these are perhaps some of my favorite words that you’ve shared. Especially this: “If the only women I’m leading are my age and on the Internet, then we have a problem.” YES! Every word.

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