pre-baby bucket list

With less than ten weeks to go, I think it’s time to put words to my swirly thoughts and see what I can knock out before this baby arrives!

A completed nursery nook.
Replacement parts for my Freestyle.
A painted master bedroom. CHECK
Massage + gel manicure and pedicure.
New bedding for our community Moses basket.
15-passenger van. More realistically: jump seat for Suburban.
Hair color appointment. Am I too late to the ombre game?
Shower hardware for our downstairs tub.
Our long-ago-ordered porch swing to arrive. CHECK
The fourth & final carseat – Diono RadianRXT.

Not too much to ask… right? 

6 thoughts on “pre-baby bucket list”

  1. Ok, I want to hear about the Moses basket. I’m pregnant and want to keep the baby in our (small) bedroom for a while, and I’m thinking a Moses basket would be a good fit for us. Where/when/how does your family use it? What has your experience been?

    1. We have a basket on a rocker that rotates through our group of friends! Ames stayed in it at our bedside until he was nearly three months old. The sisters shared it until they were about a month old, and then they moved to their crib and shared one for another month or so. I love the portability and size of the basket because you can keep them with you at all times without disturbing them! They can sleep on your kitchen counter or your coffee table for in those early weeks!

    2. I considered getting a Moses basket after reading about it here (I had never heard of one before). Then I realized I have a small dog who thinks any soft surface is for him and had visions of the dog trying to snuggle in the basket with the baby.

  2. I just went ombre’ for summer… it is not too dramatic but I love it!
    (so my vote is NO… it is not too late!)

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