petunia picklebottom giveaway *CLOSED*

First for the first time in months, I ran. From the front door to the kitchen table.
The UPS man almost sent me into labor.
Thanks to Petunia Picklebottom, this momma is the proud owner of the Abundance Boxy Backpack
 A new twist on the Boxy Backpack, the Abundance is designed & intended for “mothers with many darlings.” It’s got a larger main compartment, for double the the gear (& cloth dipes)! There’s a built-in changing station, pockets for bottles, and even a metal clip for my keys! Oh, and it’s made of PVC-free canvas material. This is perfect for a mom like me, who hates sticky hands and loves to wipe everything down! Like my friend Kara said, this truly is the Cadillac of diaper bags. I feel so blessed!
When Petunia Picklebottom asked me which print I’d like to have, I succumbed to the fact that we’re expecting little girls for the first time.  I went with the perfectly pink print, Heavenly Holland. I remember looking out my kitchen window as a child, shouting the good news to my mama – her tulips had made their way through the dirt, ready to bloom any day.  Pretty appropriate for this season in our lives, huh? Springtime & the sisters are almost here!
I love it! It’s so perfect! I can’t wait to use it!
But wait…there’s more.
One of you is going to win an Abundance Boxy Backpack of your very own!

To enter, simply leave your name & email address in the comments below.
I will draw a winner this Friday, March 11.
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145 thoughts on “petunia picklebottom giveaway *CLOSED*”

  1. Obviously I won’t be entering this contest since I was just gifted with one but I wanted to say this – YIPPEE! You got the “Abundance”! I was praying someone would give one to you :)


  2. I should win this for obvious reasons:

    my birthday is March 11th.
    I love petunia pickle bottom
    Hellllo floral! What do I own (besides my dog and my baby) that isn’t floral? The answer is nothing.


  3. That bag looks fantastic! =) Would love to win that for my 3rd litte one due this summer!! =)

    mleshoe at yahoo dot com

  4. i (like Kara) was praying someone would give you a PPB bag too. i never would have imagined that PPB would give you the bag themselves! awe-some. LOVE YOU!

    oh and i’m not entering the contest either. i have a PPB already : ) good luck everyone!


  5. With one potty training (and needing extra clothes), one on the way, I could really use a new NICE diaper bag!
    jill dot shoemaker at gmail dot com

  6. Love your bag choice! They have a great selection to choose from! Fingers crossed that I might just be the lucky number!

    carrieeksmith on CM ;0)

  7. I love that there is a BIGGER bag… the boxy backpack just wasn’t big enough for me with my three!


    laurenaridge AT gmail DOT com

  8. i just wanted to tell you that i love your new diaper bag, and that i think you should NOT RUN for the door…again….you’re scaring us out here in bloggyland!

  9. Wow- love how huge it is! I’ll have two in cloth in the fall, and I think an abundance boxy will be a must-have. (I am a spaz of an over- packer, even for short trips… we’re talking minimum of four diapers at ALL times!)

  10. Would love to own this bag. Right now I am using the regular boxy and its not cutting with 2 in cloth diapers.

    Brianna T
    nomagem at gmail dot com

  11. I would LOVE to have this for my “2 under 2”. Then we could have ONE diaper bag instead of 2! :) Thanks for the chance.

    phisig_21 at yahoo dot com

  12. Sara –

    p.s. You might want to delete the comments after the contest so we don’t get unwanted spammers sending e-mail to all of our visible e-mail addresses.Thanks!

  13. wow, lots of people want this one! would love to own a real diaper bag, instead of a huge bottomless-pit purse. thanks for the great give-away lady! -kim dean

  14. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this as my old diaper bag just broke and I’ve been trying to juggle all of my necessities in a smaller, bursting full bag :(

    Melanieanns at live dot com

    Thank you!

  15. Just found your blog–your little boy is adorable and congratulations on the twins! Sooo exciting!

    I’d LOVE to win this bag–in fact, I have a dear dear friend who I would give it to for her baby boy–she is (like all mamas) a busy lady and she deserves a little extra surprise.

    Thank you for hosting!

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