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These are from our shoot with Elizabeth & Megan @ Almond Leaf Studios a couple of weeks ago. They were so sweet to us on their blog, where the rest of the pictures can be viewed.

Hey, sweet boy… Can you believe we have only 10 weeks until you’re considered full-term? And even now, everything is fully formed and ready to go (though I don’t recommend it; you can stay in there and cook as long as you’d like). It just feels like time is flying by.

During Damaris’ last visit, she felt all of your little body parts; you’re head-down!
This is very exciting. Delivering you breech might have been a bit uncomfortable…not to mention the healthcare-provider pickle it would have put us in, since Damaris is licensed by the state under certain limitations and cannot deliver breech babies at home. It’s fun to appreciate even the little things!
So you’re head-down, but your position is “Left Occiput Posterior” right now. This is probably why my back has been hurting so badly! I’ve been doing some stretches and exercises to encourage you to turn to a more favorable position… I hope it’s working, but you’ve got plenty of time. Meanwhile, is there any way you could stop playing with your feet so much? I’m sleeping on so many pillows at night, I might as well be sitting up! Every time I lie down, you seem to slide up under my ribs and tap dance. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far…
I’ve ordered the fabric for your nursery from SewMamaSew…I plan on making curtains, as well as covering one side of the white crib bumper that your Auntie April gave us. Here’s the print:
You were not in the picture back then, but I almost failed out of the fashion design program @ Meredith College during my freshman year. So wish me luck; I really want to make some of your things on my own… eventually I’d like to try my hand at fitted cloth diapers! But we’ll start easy.
And here is a picture of my old crib, which will soon be yours. The walls are called “City Chartreuse” and we plan on adding lots of fun touches, mostly artwork from friends. Of course, we had to add a Florida Gator touch to your crib, as well as a bird from Auntie Nicole!
I love you, Ames. You have brought me so much joy already. I cannot imagine how much more fun we will have together when you’re here. See you soon, my little prince. Stay warm in there.

24 WEEKS – JULY 2009

We’re almost 25 weeks, baby boy…

The girls told me I needed to go ahead and get this out.
I found my first stretch marks this week. 
Okay, so they’re not official yet. But I can see them just a-stretchin’ under my skin, 
and I’m not sure how I feel about it yet!
I’ve heard some interesting names for them…
Battle scars, war wounds, marks of motherhood. 
Just know that by the time you come, 
I’ll have gotten used to this body. 
And I promise I won’t be upset with you :)
Next week, you and I are going to get fancied up and take 
some pictures with Megan from Almond Leaf Studios
They had a contest on their blog, 
and the winner was to receive a free belly photo shoot. 
All you had to do was email them with a creative idea for a location. 
I simply said, “I’d like to shoot at my house, 
because that’s where I’m going to have my son.” 
Apparently, it sparked some interest. We won, Ames! 
I’m excited. It’ll be fun.
Your daddy & I also became iPhone owners this week. This is a huge deal for us, as Chris has been drooling for one since they came out 2 years ago. I’m not going to lie…it was really hard for me to spend that money! But your dad earned it. He worked hard on a freelance project, and I wanted him to be able to spend some of it on himself (which happened to include me too – thanks, love!). Those tiny machines are seriously life-changing! Tonight I used it to film you moving around in my belly. I think you knew I was watching, “So You Think You Can Dance.”
Lastly, I’m moving forward with my nursing degree. I was offered a position with a home health agency last week, and I took it! I’m a little nervous…private duty nurses have a lot of autonomy, and there aren’t managers and other nurses to look out for me and keep me straight. But I’m jumping in and trusting that it’s what God has for me right now, and I’m excited to see what develops over these next few weeks.
That’s it for now, my love. You and I are hitting up a cloth diaper party on Friday. Hopefully, Sunshine is going to join us. She’s interested in learning, so she can take soft care of your little bottom when she hangs out with her first grandson! 
Can’t wait to put these dipes on you.
Can’t wait to touch your fingertips, either…
I love you, Ames Emmanuel.

22 WEEKS, JUNE 2009


I’ve been pretty pitiful lately, little one. I caught a cold (in the 90-degree heat), and I had a hard time breathing through my nose for 2 weeks. I also developed some pretty crazy styes in my eyes (gross, I know), so I had to wear my glasses more often. Lastly, the leg cramps have hit me full force. They only come at night, when I point my toes in my sleep. But they wake me up and make me holler! Chris actually thought I was in labor the other night. Phew!

I’m getting bigger everyday, and of course, that’s a little hard to deal with. But Damaris lets me stand on the scale backwards, and I always manage to put decent outfits together so I don’t feel too hideous. I actually bought a tankini top the other day! Little do you know, Ames, but your momma never wears tankinis. You’re getting bigger, too. I actually felt you move on both sides of my tummy the other day. During Damaris’ last visit, she felt your head up by the left side of my ribs, and your butt down by my right hip. You are making the most of your little space, sprawling out diagonally!


We’ve decided to cloth diaper you, and boy, has that been an adventure! We’ve decided to go with prefolds, fitteds, and contours for now. Those are all soft cloth fabrics that we’ll wrap you up in, and put a cover over. I hope you aren’t one of those crazy babies with daily soak-throughs and blow-outs! But if you are, we’ll figure something out. I’ve become a little CD-crazy, always looking at fun prints and good deals online.
I love you, son. 
I can’t wait to hold you and kiss that spot between your lips and nose.