one year later…

Ames Emmanuel,
at one year, you are:
Small for age. I stopped weighing you when I learned you were in the 2nd percentile. I reckon you’re somewhere between 16-20lbs, but you’re still wearing 9mo clothes. But hey, we haven’t had to shop a lot for you, so that’s a plus! You’re also easier to carry around! I’m not too worried, but I’m ready for you to fatten up a bit. You always have a HUGE belly after you eat.

Eating with us at the table. You are able to feed yourself, and you’ve been off of baby food for awhile now. It’s fun to prepare meals for all of my boys – you get your own portion and everything. You also seem insatiable. You eat way more than I do per meal, and you rock back forth yelling “na na na na” until someone puts more in front of you. Piglet!
Still nursing. I am proud of this! You nurse before dawn and at bedtime on days that I work, and an extra few times during the day when I’m off. Your sessions last around 10 minutes total, and you use your teeth more. I’m also more sensitive because I’m growing your little brother or sister inside of my belly. Nevertheless, I will continue to breastfeed you as long as you want. I am having a hard time figuring out what else to give you, as far as milk goes. We alternate between buying raw milk and almond milk, and you seem to enjoy both in small quantities.
Sleeping like a champ. You’ve never given us a terribly hard time, but you went months without sleeping more than 5-6 hours at a time. It wasn’t a huge deal, because I’m an early bird anyway. But now you’re going down around 8pm and sleeping ’til 9am or even 10am some days! Thank you! Now I just need to figure out what that means for naps. I’m still currently trying to make sure you get two a day, but sometimes that means you nap LATE in the afternoon. Oh well! You don’t seem to mind.
Beginning to communicate. You laugh & coo more, and you’re even starting to sign!

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2 thoughts on “one year later…”

  1. you and your family are beautiful and very inspirational! happy birthday to ames. i remember seeing your posts on the pregnant community on LJ and then followed you all the way here. it’s incredible how much things change when you become a mommy… congratulations on your one year old nursling!

  2. Kudos for still nursing! I’m about 5 weeks away from giving birth to our second, and we plan on trying for number 3 around Ezra’s first birthday (Ezra is the one currently residing in my uterus :)) I hope to nurse Ezra for as long as his little heart desires. You’re an inspiration! Love your blog…I’m a new follower :)

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