not everyone gets a typical Christmas 1.0

From the looks of the internet world, my friends & family had a beautiful Christmas this year. I hope you did! We even got snow that evening; it lasted all through the night and the next day! God bless the Carolinasa white Christmas! Apparently, it’s the first one since the ’40’s? My own weekend of Jesus’ birth was a bit different… I worked Christmas Day & the day following.
On Christmas Eve day, Chris & I celebrated with the big boys. We knew they’d be overwhelmed the next day with different family celebrations, and I’d be away all day. It was a fun new tradition, something I think we’ll do every year. They were so sweet, so thankful. 

The boys each receive three gifts from us for Christmas every year; it’s symbolic of the three gifts baby Jesus was given. The gold signified His royalty – that night, a King was born into a dark & humble world. The frankincense represented His ministry on Earth, a fragrant offering He gave back to His Father. Lastly, the myrrh was symbolic of the suffering and sacrifice He would later make for us. It was used back then as an embalming oil for the dead. How prophetic?! Anyway, we want our children to understand that Christmas is about much more than gifts.
Before opening presents each year, Chris hides a pickle ornament in the tree. The first boy to find it gets to open the first gift! Avery found it for the third year in a row. He chose to give Lucas the gift he’d bought him instead of opening one himself. How sweet?!
Later that evening, the big boys headed to their mom’s, and we went to church with my parents & brother. Christmas Eve services are always beautiful, no matter where & how they’re done. I mean, talk about a joyful message – so full of love & hope!
Afterwards, we all ate dinner at P.F. Chang’s, a tradition that’s held fast for over a decade. We each always order something different and share with each other (at my insistence). Laughs are shared and memories are made. It is such a precious evening for me. 
We stuffed ourselves full, gave hugs, and headed home. Big surprise – I had Chris stop and get me a dollar sundae at McDonald’s. Good grief! Upon arriving home, we tucked our little boy in for the night and decided to hit the hay ourselves. I wanted us to be rested for the big day ahead. Who am I kidding? I could hit the hay early EVERY NIGHT – bless my husband’s heart. I’m sure I was out as soon as my head hit the pillow. I’m sure Chris played poker on his iPhone (and took a bath and ate a snack and Lord knows what else) until he managed to fall asleep. Merry Christmas Eve!
To be continued…
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