my valentine

Someone forgot to turn off Lucas’ alarm this morning. His phone was downstairs, and it went off for a minute straight. Momma was the only one affected. Then the sweet husband’s alarm went off TWICE, because everyone in the world except Momma loves a good snooze setting. In an attempt to orient myself, I sat up quickly and managed to tweak some muscle in my belly.
Only then did I remember that I’m off work today. 
Too late! The sun was rising, my bladder was filling, construction across the street was starting, and my head was pounding. And what was that voice floating in the distance, a solid ninety minutes earlier than usual? Dah-dah? Dah-dah? Na na na na… Dah-dah?

In attempt to turn my mood around:
English Breakfast tea with milk & honey.

A sweet card from Chris, in which he illustrates me “growing in love.”

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all. You are loved!
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