my mama bird’s nest ring (a giveaway)

Now that I’m back into the swing of things with monthly sponsors, I’d like to introduce you to a sweet one! Meet Melody, the designer and craftswoman behind the most fun ring I’ve ever seen. It’s been an honor and a pleasure to wear this thing around for the last week or two. So many compliments. Talk about a conversation-starter!

Melody’s been making these nests for a over a year now, and she’s been able to use her art to touch women’s hearts in ways that she never knew possible. One retiring foster mom received a nest with twenty-seven eggs in it! It’s also a sweet way to honor a loss, especially for mamas who already have children and feel ungrateful grieving a miscarriage, or a child previously given up for adoption.

These nests are available in an array of options. Silver or brass, necklace or ring… you can add in birthstones for eggs, as well! Be sure to check out Melody’s shop for more information. It’s a perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Discount alert: Use KINCAIDPARADE at checkout for 20% off!

But it doesn’t stop there. One of you is going to win a mama bird’s nest of your very own! Simply follow Melody’s blog, and then come back and tell me about it. I’ll draw a winner on Friday, March 30.

22 thoughts on “my mama bird’s nest ring (a giveaway)”

  1. following on google reader! what a beautiful idea! The ring might be too chunky for me doing laundry and dishes and what not, but I’d love to get the necklace if I win :)
    ps – love the leopard flats

  2. I am following her via google. She is a wonderufl writer and those nests!! Oh my goodness, they are beautiful! I think I’d have a hard tme choosing which one to get if I win =)

  3. Melody Is one of the most creative, eclectic, and amazing women I know! She is a godly woman who loves her family, and love to do things for other people. She’s extremely talented at all the things she makes, and reading her blog is a highlight of my week! I love that she is so open and share things about her family! She “keeps it real” And is an inspiration to so many!

  4. I’ve followed her for years. :) I’ve known her for years. She’s equally beautiful on the inside and out. The necklaces are beautiful and the ring…well, I love. I own one of each, but I would love to give one to a dear friend as a gift.

  5. I already ordered three for my mother and my mother-in-law and myself but there is always my grandmother´s! Here´s to a wonderful mother and creator and to hoping to win!

  6. I have been following Melody’s blog since I met her at the Target Nurse-In. She’s a fantastic mama! I am trying to get my hubby to get me a bird’s nest for Mother’s Day, to celebrate our 5th baby.

  7. I’m following Melody’s blog! I love her fun spirit, adorable boys, and outlook on life! (and her chickens too)
    Sharon. (

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