my brest friend giveaway winner!

the winner of the twins plus pillownutritional supplements is…
Please contact me with your shipping information.
I’ll send it along to the great folks at My Brest Friend.
This concludes the amazing slew of giveaways we’ve run over the last few months. I’m honored to have been given the chance to review & give away several great products from several great companies! I’d love to do a few more after the twins are born, if we continue to get the sponsorship. In the meantime… I hope you continue to share in the journey, as we welcome the sisters to our family!
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1 thought on “my brest friend giveaway winner!”

  1. Hi! New follower here. I like your site, very user friendly and cute. You seem very happy. I couldn’t even imagine having twins! I can barely keep up with my three I have now…thank goodness they aren’t triplets. Can’t wait for the posts about the newborn twin days.


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