My Brest Friend giveaway… *CLOSED*

Attention, preggos – a nursing pillow is a must.
A must, I say! Regardless of whether or not you plan to breastfeed.
I like to think I’m the queen of practicality when it comes to baby gear. I prefer to give expectant mothers a list of things they don’t need instead of recommending purchases. However, I firmly believe every new mother should have a nursing pillow! Breastfeeding mamas need support on their laps when nursing. Family members, especially kid siblings, benefit from a pillow to help them position baby properly. Dads can use them to assist with bottle-feeding. Nursing pillows are also great for tummy time during those early weeks when it’s all they can do to keep their heads up and squawk at you.
When I found out about the sisters, I couldn’t help but wonder if I’d be able to use a nursing pillow the same way I did with Ames. I picked up another one off of Craigslist and bought a cover to match the one we already have. I figured I might as well have two, though I can only fit one on my lap at a time. They’re sitting in the twins’ nursery now, and I’m sure they’ll be used one way or another. But there is no way I can breastfeed both babies at the same time on one of those things – it’s too small & round, like a doughnut.
Enter My Brest Friend. Although I used another brand for nursing support with Ames, I am excited to welcome this thoughtful company as a sponsor to the blog. I look forward to using their products with the twins. Why? In addition to several standard nursing pillow options, My Brest Friend offers moms of multiples the Twins Plus Pillow. Hallelujah!

The Twins Plus pillow has a wider, flatter surface on which both babies can fit. Tandem nursing is a common breastfeeding strategy for moms of twins because it saves time and helps with milk production. Check out helpful information related to nursing twins here. My Brest Friend helps women tandem nurse more effectively with the Twins Plus pillow.

My Brest Friend was kind enough to send me a pillow to review when the twins arrive, and I can’t wait to use it! I remember tucking bed pillows behind me when using my other nursing pillow, so something with built-in back support will be nice. And the storage pockets are absolutely genius. I won’t have to holler for Chris to bring me an extra burp cloth or my water sweet tea after getting settled in only to realize that it’s all just out of reach.
In addition to a wide selection of pillows complete with cute colors & prints, My Brest Friend makes nursing covers that provide mothers with a discreet option for nursing in public. They also offer a line of vitamin supplements to help build milk supply & boost the immune system during the postpartum season. They sent me a supply of these to try as well. What a blessing!
Thanks to My Brest Friend, one of you is going to win a Twins Plus Pillow of your very own – as well as a supply of vitamin supplements! To enter, simply leave your name & email address as a comment below. I will draw a winner on March 18. Thanks, and good luck!

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27 thoughts on “My Brest Friend giveaway… *CLOSED*”

  1. I have used the single “My Breast Friend” pillow and it was wonderful! I think that the twin pillow would even be a good choice for a single baby, because when I wanted to nurse G in the “football hold”, I still had to use an additional pillow to achieve the support I needed.

  2. I had one of these with Ivie and I loved using it as a little baby tray as I walked around the house :) When we moved I gave it away to an expecting friend because we didn’t have enough room in our boxes! But Id love another. I’d also love to get news about twins at my ultrasound on the 23rd, but we’ll just have to wait and see!

    Erin_toft at

  3. what an awesome giveaway!! I have a dear friend who is due in 8 weeks and I keep telling her this is the nursing pillow to have so fingers crossed I win and can gift it to her! samama8 at gmail dot com

  4. Ive heard great things from friends who’ve loved my Brest Friend. I’d love to win one!
    Suz B
    suzstreats at gmail dot com

  5. Wow – I just found your blog because I was researching twins and breastfeeding! I have successfully BFd two boys and am preggo with twin boys now. Just trying to figure out breastfeeding will be a challenge. I look forward to continuing to follow your blog since you are several weeks ahead of me.

    Colleen Grant

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