mother’s day

Y’all know how much I love my mama… 
Does her grandmother name “Sunshine” give you any idea?
Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

As I think back over my own Mother’s Days as a mom, I can’t help but smile…
Engaged. Instant mom to boys, ages four & seven.
Newly married. Newly pregnant.
Momma to a little man, age seven months.

Momma to twin girls, age one month.
happy mother’s day, y’all. to you mamas who get it done, to you dads who hold it down, & to you folks who await children of your own and love on ours in the meantime… this is a day to celebrate the sweet gift of life and hard we ALL work to nurture it!

4 thoughts on “mother’s day”

  1. happy mother’s day! this post is so sweet, it’s amazing how much happens in a short amount of time. you have so much love in your life and that makes me so happy, you totally deserve it! have an awesome day <3

  2. Happy mothers day! As someone who suffers from infertility I love the way u phrased it…to those who await their own and love ours in the meantime. Nicely said!

  3. Happy mother’s day rachael <3 Even today, I was telling my friend Michelle about your wonderful little life and surprise of two girls. You rule lady <3 <3 <3

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