momma’s day weekend recap

On Saturday, I took advantage of sunshine & naptime. I told Chris I’d like to lay outside and read a book for an hour or so. He agreed to monitor the napping babes. While upstairs changing into my bathing suit (backyard, don’t worry), I heard Chris holler, “Don’t come down for a minute!” This man is notorious for spoiling surprises & giving me presents early. He just can’t help himself. When I received permission to come downstairs, he kissed me and sent me outside. Behold – what fun awaited!
Chocolate-covered strawberries are my favorite. My creative husband sliced up a few strawberries and added a piece of chocolate on the side. My trusty/favorite water bottle sat filled to the brim with ICE-water. I seem to go back and forth on tap vs. cold, and Chris sweetly cooperates with my cravings.
As for Tina Fey’s book… I’d only mentioned it once or twice. This means my dear one is improving his gift-giving skills. Usually, he asks me to spell it out very clearly for him. I don’t always enjoy this because it takes some fun out of it. A few months ago, I told him that I’d like him to pay attention more when I see things like I like/want, and make a note in his phone. That way, when it comes time… BAM! He’s reminded me of things I forgot I even wanted! In this case, it worked – Bossypants came out of nowhere. I was delighted. While I enjoyed my treats, Chris was inside doing this:
One Mother’s Day, Chris had to be at church at 7am. It was my first morning getting the twins ready and out the door by myself, and I was a bit nervous. Thankfully, it went very smoothly. And much to my surprise, I found a little something waiting for me by my keys! Chris gave me a locket as a “pushin’ present” for Ames (actually, about a month before he was even born… remember, he just can’t help himself). Now I have the sisters’ initials on it, from Stella & Dot. Perfectly sweet!
After church & lunch, we enjoyed some restful alone time in our room. We gave the older boys a chore + some free time, and the littlest ones napped. It felt so nice, just to be with Chris. It reminded me how important it is to carve out quiet moments like that. I felt refueled & refreshed! 
We finished out the evening picnicking at the park with my family…

Hands-down, the best Mother’s Day to date.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful mothers day! I requested a little outdoor alone reading time as well! And I’ve heard good things about the book so you will have to let me know what you think!

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