maternity leave 2.0

Today, I took my first walk. Milk dripping, forehead glistening, incision burning… but I walked outside. I’d grown tired of walking the hallway upstairs, as the doctor recommended. I needed some sunshine & son time. I took it really slowly – just a few houses & back, pushing my boy in a stroller. I even took my glasses off, so that I could only see a few feet in front of me. I focused on the warm breeze of spring & the soft murmurs of my boy. Side note: Chris cut one of Ames’ old onesies into a redneck muscle tank, and it looks amazing. The walk only lasted about ten minutes, but it was perfect. I feel renewed even now, just reflecting on it. I love that boy so much.

And now, I leave you with a fun guest post by a fun friend, Anna!
This girl does it all – she’s one of the most gifted & talented people I’ve ever met.
Be sure to check her out over at The Colorful Living Project.

Good day to you!

My name is Anna.
Since I run a design & creative living blog, when Rachael asked me to guest-host Letters to Ames, I didn’t know what to create! But then I started thinking about those cute little twinsies and thought to myself, some things in life are just better with TWO! So I made a little inspiration board of things in twos, in honor of the tiny Kincaid girls! 

Can’t wait to meet those little ladies.

Here’s some more twins!

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1 thought on “maternity leave 2.0”

  1. So proud of you for walking! take it easy though :-) it took me awhile to heal from my c section and I had one baby not two :-)

    Its hard not to get stir crazy though, but the healing will come and so will the mobility, Judah is now 4 months and I was able to run a 5K today with him strapped in our running jogger :-) took time to get this far but slow and steady helped me :-)

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