Mamas Makin’ It Work – #20

makin’ it work in tight spaces…


Hi there! I’m Bekah. A new mommy, relatively new wife and NOT a blogger. I think I like the idea of blogging, but most days I’m just too lazy to get thoughts from my head to a computer. However, if I were to blog, this would be my one and only useful post. This is how I make it work in a tight space…664 square feet to be exact.  It’s not exactly a closet studio in Brooklyn, but it is a one bedroom apartment for three people. My little family lives in Kansas where the skies are big and apartments are cheap. And apparently we are even cheaper. As my due date approached last year, the husband and I decided to renew our lease in a one bedroom apartment instead of upgrading to a two bedroom. We reasoned that his internship was over in six months and moving would be more trouble than it was worth. Secretly, I was excited for the challenge of creating a space that would work for us and our new baby. This is what I’ve learned.

It’s all about function. I’d like to kiss whoever created the pack n’ play. Specifically the ones with a diaper changing area attached. This has been the MVP of baby gear. It takes the place of a crib, diaper changing table and creates extra storage. When Avery was an infant, we kept it in the bedroom, but now we’ve moved it to the living room…that girl is a noisy sleeper! We also purchased a baby bouncer that becomes a toddler rocking chair, and instead of a high chair, opted for a small seat that attaches to a dining room chair.

You need to downsize.
Part of my nesting before Avery was born was to clear some space. I re-organized and donated a lot of clothes so that baby stuff could be put in one half of our dresser. My husband sold some books to free space for cute storage baskets on a bookshelf. I went through a drawer full of old make-up, lotions and random hair accessories and tossed it (why do I keep that stuff??).

And keep downsizing.
After Avery was born, I realized I didn’t need 6 swaddling blankets or that I never used the white onesies. I have to fight the urge to keep it all, just in case. Even though I’m not sure what the “just in case” is. I’m constantly re-evaluating what we need to keep, and what to give away. I have also continued de-cluttering our little space.

Be creative.
We live on the second floor, so the stroller is stored in our car trunk in the parking lot. We also converted our little dining room table into a desk for me. Avery doesn’t have a nursery. She just has designated spots for her things. A cupboard in the bathroom for her towels, washcloths and meds. A huge basket in the living room for burp cloths, blankets and toys. Half of our dresser for her clothes. You get the idea.

So, for full disclosure, we just found out that we are staying in Kansas long term. So what did we do? Yep, just moved into a 2 bedroom apartment. But I’ve learned that, yes, I can make life work no matter what circumstances I’m in.

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  1. Thanks! My husband, daughter, and I also live in a one bedroom apartment, and I’m constantly going through things and asking, “Do I need this?” and “Have I been using it.” I’ve given many bags to our local thrift store. Yes, we may need to use it again in the future, but I need to have as much space as I can. We have a mini crib for our bedroom, where our daughter takes naps, and a pack and play outside our bedroom where she sleeps at night.

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