lulu’s big day

lucas grey, age five

The eldest turns thirteen this week. In some ways, he’s a been a man forever. He’ll make it official on Saturday, though, and it blows my mind. Thirteen.

We aren’t typically party folks, but I really wanted to honor this kid’s milestone. So I enlisted the big boys’ mom to help plan a fun night with our big blended crew and a few of Lucas’ friends. We’ll all enjoy dinner out, and then Avery will head to his mom’s house while we host a good old-fashioned teenage boys’ sleepover at our place.

He wears shoes the size of his dad’s, and he talks to his sisters in a way that makes me weak in the knees. His hair is to his shoulders and braces now adorn his teeth. He plays football and snowboards and runs track. He folds his clothes meticulously, and he cracks his knuckles constantly. He always ends “I love you” with “so much.” This weekend, he’ll create his first Facebook account. Before we know it, he’ll be driving. And then he’ll be gone.

I know I’ve written these words before, but I’m just so grateful to know this kid and his grace. Happy birthday, Lucas Grey. You are something special.

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  1. Beautifully spoken words… proud of all of you many Kincaids… are soooooo bright…ya’ll have to wear shades…..6 huh? wow… are one strong mommy! love and hugs!
    suzanne, thomas, jamie & tj

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