loving his valentines

Chris woke up yesterday morning demanding that I be in a good mood. He can always smell my stress from a mile away. I woke up this morning demanding that Chris love his girls well today. I’d bought treats for the boys, and I wanted him to make the day special for his ladies. It’s not his favorite day of the year, but it might be important to the sisters someday. My dad always gave me chocolates and a card each Valentine’s Day, and I remember depending on the gesture as a lifeline during some angsty teenage winters. We rarely go all out for holidays, but I just wanted today to be extra joyful.

We headed into the girls’ room after they awoke, only to find Honor diaper-less as usual. It’s hard to love on a girl who’s covered in poop, so I remedied the situation as fast as I could. The three little pigs all took a bath while the rest of us hung out on the bathroom floor, Avery included. Chris is the family nail clipper, as my privileges were revoked years ago. He took care of everyone’s mani/pedi issues while I let the sisters dig through the moving boxes. Discovery: nail polish!┬áHe started off by giving me a Really? look as I opened a bottle for Isaiah Jane… and yet I looked up to find him painting Honor’s toes a few minutes later.

It was the highlight of my Valentine’s Day, by far. Here I am with a ten year-old boy sitting beside me, watching as his dad paints his little sister’s toenails. Avery did a great job oohing and ahhing while the sisters dried, and then they all moved on to the next activity. But not me. I just sat there and soaked it up for a minute. Come to think of it, my dad used to paint my nails on occasion too.

I’ve got it really good, y’all. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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  1. Your children have such a great example of a father to look to! Can you imagine what wonderful dads your boys will be and the standards your girls will have when it comes to men? What a blessed family!

  2. This makes me think of how some of my simplest, yet happiest father/ daughter memories involve my Daddy fixing my hair. He only did it in a pinch (if my Mommy was at work, but I had a fellow 8 year old’s birthday party to attend, for example) and the end result was usually less than stellar. But I always found it so special that my manly-man Pa would be willing to put down his motorcycle magazine (or whatever various manly object he was holding) and tie my hair in to a ponytail, complete with a frilly bow :) Happy Valentine’s Day, Kincaids!

  3. What a sweet V-Day story, I love this! Getting my toes done when my mom did hers was such a sweet joy as a little girl. I’m sure your girls felt so special!
    xoxo J

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