lovin’ lately

The park. Our neighborhood got a brand-spankin’ new playground this month! Ames could sit in a swing for hours. When I pull him out, he points to another one and signs, “more please!” Meanwhile, the big boys play tag with Christopher, and I try not to worry about potential broken arms.
Our new (to us) Suburban. IN LOVE I TELL YOU. Chris always asks us if we can take it whenever we go anywhere. He’s like a little boy. I don’t blame him. The thing is smooth & tough & amazing.

The way my husband looks. He just keeps getting better & better. It’s not fair, how well men age compared to women. But I’m not complaining right now. He gives me butterflies on the regular.
My son’s facial expressions. He’s got SO MUCH personality. He loves everyone and everything he meets. He dances and hums along to music, and he follows simple commands. He smiles and giggles almost constantly. I’m head over heels.
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7 thoughts on “lovin’ lately”

  1. You look flippin awesome lady! And yes, it is so very unfair how men age so well. Looking back at pictures of my husband when we first started dating and seeing him now, sheesh!

  2. oh that sweet little man! you are so very blessed. your family is so amazingly beautiful. and i have an expedition, and i can’t tell you how much i love that vehicle. i just feel so safe, and there’s always room for everybody! since we plan on trying for #3 in december, we’ll need the room! i kinda fell in love with the ford flex though…it’s got AMAZING room in it. do i hear tradie-in?? anyway, i’m tricia, also known as amelie522 on instagram, too :) just wanted to stop in and say i adore your blog.

  3. Your little Ames is such a handsome man! I love his little facial expressions. Glad your family is doing well!

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