lemons (a video)

Last night marked the first time we’ve been able to put all three babies in high chairs at a restaurant. Until now, the girls have been too small and unsteady, making for frustrating & crowded lap-dining. In honor of their independence, we fed them lemon juice. A rite of passage, don’t you think?!

I’m still trying to figure out this whole iMovie thing. I think I need a tutor!

8 thoughts on “lemons (a video)”

  1. i love watching videos of people giving babies lemons for the first time. it’s terrible, but it’s hilarious. there’s a part of it that likens it to ruining their innocent thinking that everything their parents feed them will be good…but then, if that’s the case, why do i find it so funny? things to ponder on about myself…in any case, super cute. i love the little head shakes!

  2. That was so funny! I love the little head shake. We have also done that with all our kids.

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