learning to walk (a video)

teaching Honor a trick from Isaiah’s last PT session

Our sweet physical therapist AND early interventionist are moving to other states next week, so today was our last day working with each of them. Isaiah Jane did not disappoint! She took full advantage of her hour with Miss Beth and stayed on her feet for most of the time. She took a nap and gave a beautiful repeat performance for Miss Lindsay, adding puzzle-solving to her list of skills. Beth shot this video just in case IJ didn’t want to perform when I returned to the room. Sure enough, she whined herself into a pitiful heap when I walked in. But alas, I have evidence she can walk! Look at her go!

She reportedly stood independently for a full five seconds for both Beth and Lindsay, during each therapy session. I have literally never seen her do that before. I can’t wait to catch it in action! Maybe I need to complain about them more often, huh? (See yesterday’s post.) Thanks for the last few months, Miss Beth. You will be sorely missed, Miss Lindsay. You’ve both changed our lives for the better!

15 thoughts on “learning to walk (a video)”

  1. That is so so so cool. I really love reading about their development. I’m not a mama yet, but I sure do get inspired by all your kids, and those two little girls are so cute.

    1. 1 – I don’t carry them everywhere. If you’re insinuating something regarding baby wearing, our carriers stay in the car for outings only.
      2 – That was no exactly a supportive comment, in that it carried both an accusatory tone and unsolicited advice.
      3 – Necessity might be the mother of invention, but the zombie crawl works just fine for these girls. Their only motivation seems to be dresses, because they get hung up as have to lift their lazy bodies off the floor.
      4 – If this has been my Papa the whole time, I love you.

  2. My heart swelled when I read this post and watched the video! You’re doing all the right things Mama, and it shows. We cheered out loud for Miss IJ up here in Canada!

  3. not only is she walking- she seems to be doing it with ease! so exciting!
    also- my mother-in-law always tells me that carrying/wearing my son is the reason he’s not mobile— I’m not convinced.

    1. I don’t understand it either. It makes sense when you first hear it, but it’s not like she CAN walk and I’m carrying her instead. And like I said before, our carriers stay in the car. We rarely even hold them at home – floor, crawling, high chairs, etc.

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