last night’s taco soup.

One of our ongoing marriage arguments is use of the crock pot.
I use it ALL THE TIME. Chris gives me a hard time about it.
I guess it comes down to whose mama did what growing up?
Whatever. After yesterday, he is a believer.
This recipe came to me by way of a dear friend.
I modified it a bit to fit our family’s tastes & preferences.
Per several Twitter requests, I’m posting it for your enjoyment!
(Christopher asked for a name change)
What you need:
1 pound ground beef
1 can corn
1 can kidney beans
1 can pinto beans
1 can black beans
1 can black olives

3-4 tomatoes
1 can tomatoes with chiles
1 packet taco seasoning

1 packet dry ranch dressing mix
Shredded cheese (garnish)
Sour creams (garnish)
Tortilla chips (garnish)
Prep work:
Brown ground beef in skillet.
Slice olives.
Cut tomatoes…
variety = chunked, sliced, & diced.
Crock Pot goodness:
Transfer beef from the stove.
Add everything else, except the three garnish items.
Cook for 8-9 hours. I cooked it overnight,
 and left it on “keep warm” until we got home from church.
To serve:
Place a few tortilla chips in bowl.
Ladle soup chili into bowl.
Top with shredded cheese & sour cream.
This served five adults and two children, at 2-3 helpings apiece. 
We had family over and ate it all day.
I only wish I had a photo…
they ate it all before it even crossed my mind!
Let’s hear it for crock pots! 
Feel free to send recipes my way!

11 thoughts on “last night’s taco soup.”

  1. The recipe we used is very similar except we don’t use olives and we add white hominy. It is SO good and once it gets a little colder we’ll be making some too! I don’t ever use my crock pot but I wish I had more healthy recipes I could use it for.

  2. we make this in a soup pot instead of a crock pot, but LOVE it. it’s a nice change from chili, really hearty and nice for football game days or just chilly days!

    I’ve been reading your blog a while now, thinking of starting my own weekly blog post that celebrates our mommy ‘high’ of the week– something really good you did that might just stick with your kids in their memory banks (have you heard the ‘she thinks we’re just fishing’ song?- it’s like that).. would you consider joining me?

  3. Kalen, it’s the same as cooking things in the oven… just smaller and requires less frequent attention. The crock pot can boil and bring things up to the required temperature to keep safe.

    It just uses less energy than a stove or an oven! It’s the hot/cold/room temperature switches that open food up to bacterial growth.

    And I never unplug the crock pot and leave it at room temp. Although, even if I did… I wouldn’t be too concerned if it was already cooked.

    And the meat is cooked before it goes into the pot, too! So lots of safety checks along the way. You should give it a try!

  4. This sounds so good. We make a similar taco soup, without the olives and ranch seasoning. Using the taco seasoning gives the soup a ton of flavor with so little work. I love it. I never thought of making it in a crock pot. My crock pot is only 1 1/2 quarts, so it wouldn’t be big enough, but I think it’s a great idea for football Sundays!

  5. We are crockpot people ALL the way. I use mine several times a week! I’d use it more if it’s wasn’t such a pain to clean.

    Here’s a quick recipe.
    Shredded Chicken Taco meat
    Put 2-4 Chicken Breasts in the Crockpot
    Add 1 Can of your Favorite Salsa
    Cook on Low for 6-8 hours

    Then shred the chicken with a fork, stir it up and serve with your fav taco ingredients.

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