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Before Jesus died, He met with His disciples one last time. They were all worked up about what was going to happen to Him, and he simply remained true to form – vague and calm. As they persistently asked about where he was going, he reminded them over and over that they couldn’t come with Him. He wasn’t asking them to follow Him to death. Instead, he asked his disciples to do just one thing. He asked them to live by a new commandment.

Love each other, as I have loved you.

As controversial a topic as this is to the Christian community, it’s a breath of fresh air to my soul and spirit. No rules! No judgmental attitudes! No division! No hate! Just free love! Okay, so not exactly. But you get the picture, right? Let’s dream big with this for a second. If we honestly loved everyone we encountered with the fierce devotion and selflessness that Jesus felt towards us, don’t you think we could solve the world’s problems? Wars could be avoided. Homelessness and poverty cured. Human trafficking stopped in its tracks. Goodness, the list goes on. And all of this accomplished, by just one thing.

Jesus never asked me to follow every commandment ever written. He didn’t write them.
Jesus never asked me to call myself a Christian. He never even used the term.
Jesus never asked me to wage war on moral issues. He ate from the same table.

It’s the easiest and hardest thing I’ll ever do, and it’s something I’ll have to work on for the rest of my life. I mean, I’m not Jesus for crying out loud. But I do know this – just one thing is much easier to remember and share with others, than a whole list of things.

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As we wrap up this month of love, I couldn’t let it go without saying… Eight years ago today, my husband and I kissed for the first time. Even better? He’s the one who always remembers the date. He’s got it down in our calendar as KISSAVERSARY. The greatest, right?

14 thoughts on “just one thing”

  1. I have never commented here before, and I’m not sure what it is that draws me to your blog, I’m not a parent (though I love your approach to parenting, I’m single (though I enjoy your approach to marriage, and I’m not religious (though I enjoy reading your spiritual thoughts). I am curious though, what is your stance on homosexuality and gay marriage. Just curious.

    Keep doing what you do.

  2. My husband just taught on this a few weeks ago… what I found so interesting and humbling and challenging and amazing– in this same section of scripture, He had just washed the disciples feet…something reserved for the slaves. He had also dipped the bread for Judas– a display of honor– for the one who would betray Him. And then He follows up with, “Love one another as I have loved you.” Self-sacrificing, humble love.
    Man, I’ve got a long way to go, but so so thankful for a Savior who has showered this kind of love on me, you know?!

    1. I totally understand and agree with your (deleted) points! Hopefully you didn’t miss mine. I think they’re perfectly in line with one another.

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