It’s still only the beginning.


Have I preached enough about the Lara Casey Powersheets yet? Have I mentioned the part where they’ve changed my life? I’m seriously considering going two months between new sheets, just to make them last all year. Lara is all about some pep talks. One of the things she has us do each month is to start off with a little one or two-liner, something to help us reflect and get focused at the same time. When it came time for me to get set up for this month, I scrawled IT’S STILL ONLY THE BEGINNING across my sheet. And then on my weekly planner. And in my phone. And on this blog post.

Because you guys, we’re always right at the beginning of whatever it is, if we want it so. We can start over whenever the heck we want. We can change, add, and subtract as needed in order to keep us moving in the right direction. One of my creative goals for January was to make a wreath. That did not happen, but I did find a silver tinsel wreath at a post-Christmas sale, and it looks January enough for me. I ignored my own words about reading an entire book last month. I’m crawling my way through both Girls with Swords and Bread & Wine, stopping to cry and highlight and acknowledge the interruptions. I wanted to master a black cat-eye and a nude lip in March, but I’ve tried it three times already. Ahead of the game in this department, friends, but it might be Thanksgiving before I’m able to leave the house with February’s braided headband.

The point is, it’s important to make goals and it’s important to stay flexible with them. We should not shy away from dreaming big and taking steps towards things just because we might not reach them in our timeframe. And when we don’t get to check things off at the end of the week or month or year, we aren’t failing at anything. Let me pound that into my own heart for a minute. What a breath of fresh air it is, to hold myself accountable and give myself grace at the same time. I’m going to keep at this thing while reminding myself that IT’S STILL ONLY THE BEGINNING… all year long.