iPhone photography…

I realize that I’ve dropped the ball with taking photos of my family, especially since we got iPhones. Part of me feels guilty. So many friends & mama bloggers seem to capture awesome shots with their “real” cameras! The other part of me is thankful to have such a cool piece of technology at my fingertips at all times. We’ve caught some really sweet moments on our phones. And though we might not be able to blow them up and put them on the wall, we will have them frozen in time forever! Here are a few from the last couple of years.

the day we bought our iPhones:
our pups, Samson & Delilah:
Avery picking our first tomato:
the trip back from Chimney Rock:
resting midday, shortly before Ames was born:
at the beginning of labor, checking in with my midwife:

Ames Emmauel, a few hours old:
the first picture I snapped of all of my boys:

cute lil’ home birth onesie from Etsy:

rosebud lips:

Lucas & Avery playing with a rug:

Ames pickin’ out his next diaper:

dollar-slice night at Carmella’s Pizza:

new haircut (it will not be this short again for a LONG time):

birthday walk with Kenneth Ames, my grandfather:
Ahhh, a walk down iPhone memory lane.
Happy Veteran’s Day, y’all!
Thankful for my family & friends who have served our country with bravery.
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3 thoughts on “iPhone photography…”

  1. I wish I had an iphone. My hubby has one and I’m a little jealous. We would have no pictures of Adoration’s birth if it wasn’t for the iphone. In the mad rush to the hospital we forgot our camera!

    have you noticed we have been right next to each other in rankings on topbabyblogs? fun.fun. ha…if we are going by the popularity contest we would be sitting at the same lunch table. :)

  2. I am completely in love with my iPhone, too. And Hipstamatic? it’s the best app ever, am I right?? I use it constantly, in fact, probably more than I use the regular old iPhone camera. By the way, I’m a new reader. I adore your blog, and I’m about to welcome my second boy into the world. We can’t wait to meet Ezra, especially his big brother, Henry. Can’t wait to read more :)

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