i cannot wait to dress my lambs

I’ve caught the bug… I’m so excited to dress the sisters! I’m particularly fond of traditional dresses – vintage or not, I love these short little smocked numbers.

 I’ve started a little collection, keeping a budget of less than $5 per dress. My mom saved some from my babyhood, too. I love the fact that we won’t necessarily need bloomers… A little cloth-diapered butt will jazz up a dainty frock in no time!

Yesterday, I scored my first matching outfits (along with a few other darling items) at a consignment sale sponsored by Charlotte Mothers of Multiples.

I’m off on another shopping adventure today. Yesterday, I received a call from Once Upon a Child – I’ve got a $25 store credit! This morning, I’m on the hunt for my boy. Ames needs some shorts for this spring weather we’re racing towards. Happy weekend, friends!

5 thoughts on “i cannot wait to dress my lambs”

  1. Kristin, I usually just get cash & purchase with cash… I was pleasantly surprised to discover that credit, though!

    Ebm, I’m not sure of the brands. I’ll have to start keeping track while I’m out and about! I’m new to the girlie stuff :)

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