honor rose & smo’s

I know y’all have been through one of these posts already, and I debated even taking my camera yesterday. But bear with me! This was Honor’s appointment, and I want to make her milestone experiences just as special. That girls is mere seconds, SECONDS, away from walking independently. In fact, as soon as the orthotist put on her braces and stood her up, she let go and smiled at him. We’re hoping to have both girls walking with ease by age two, and out of the braces by age three.

Isaiah Jane has always been the pink & purple girl, and her footwear is no exception – pink braces, purple Chuck Taylors. Honor typically wears more blue & green (look at me, acting like she chooses her own outfits), so I ordered blue SMO’s to complement her green Chucks.
Remember, supramalleolar orthotics provide stability & support for feet that sink inward on the arches. Isaiah Jane has weak muscle tone all over, where Honor simply has flat feet. In fact, Ames has the same issue. It’s why he’s so knock-kneed! He’ll just have to learn to self-correct it as he gets older. Apparently, I handed down the trait to the babies. Thanks to all of the strict dance teachers I had growing up, I never noticed I had a problem until I started investigating recently.
Here’s to another step in our journey to sisters who walk!

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  1. She is precious! And y’all are doing so well with everything. I’m a speech pathologist and I work with so many delayed children whose families do not try, do not care, and are very absent. I need reminders that there are still so many wonderful, loving families out there like yours. Parents like y’all are my heroes.

  2. What a sweet girl! I bet she was so excited to get those things on! I’m sorry you and your family have been going through some rough times. Some advice my husband gives me often is that whatever your feelings are…you should just feel them and not feel guilty or bad for what you’re feeling. Because feelings are honest and real and should not be ignored and also not given more credit than they’re due. I have read you express some great emotion in your writing and I’m glad you are doing so. Ever since becoming a mom myself, I’ve been so surprised at how many disparate feelings I can feel at the same time: fear, guilt, loneliness, pure joy, intense mama bear protectiveness, and the deepest love I never thought I could feel. I think you’re doing a great job and handling all aspects of motherhood with grace. Thank you for being a great example.

  3. Squeeeeeeeeeeeee! That sweet face <3 Oh, my heart.
    She is going to be zooming all over the house by Friday.

    Owen is getting a cranial band (helmet) in a few weeks that he’ll wear for about 4 months. Should be an interesting journey.

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