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The twins experienced their first haircut last week. They’ve been dealing with mullets for two years now, and it was time to do something about that. Ames had similar hair back in the day, an awkward arrangement of limp layers with a curl or two bringing up the rear.¬†We shaved his head twice during the summer after the sisters’ birth, and it grew back much thicker and luscious-er. I’ve had fine hair my entire life, but my little brother who received countless haircuts growing up? He has a serious mane today, y’all. Girls often meet resistance when they start expressing interest in shaving legs or plucking eyebrows, from folks warning them it will grow back thicker. Is this a myth? Or is there something to it? Whatever it is, we’re going for it. I’d love to see the girls running around with long, thick waves in the future. Meanwhile, these bobs slay me on a regular basis. I can’t stop gasping and smiling and tousling their hair as they run by. In other news, Ames has decided he’s ready to cut his, too. So stay tuned?! That means you, Papa.

7 thoughts on “Haircuts.”

  1. You know what’s funny? Where I live, a lot of hispanic families from Mexico shave their daughter’s heads around 2 months old. I finally asked why, and they said it causes it to grow in thicker and I think they’re right! Not sure I’m willing to try it.

    1. I’ve heard of this in several cultures, in fact! I might just go for it with Haddie this summer ;)

  2. Koreans shave heads on first birthdays too for the same reason! I shaved Delilah’s on her first birthday and still teasingly ask her if she will let me shave her head again always secretly wishing she will say yes because I miss her looking like a baby! Love bobs on the girls :)

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