A (fellow nurse) friend & I lamented the tragedy of “adult hair” the other day. We feel like we avoid fun hairstyles due to the constant messes & demands of the job. Add to it the activities of being a mother to five, and I find myself asking, “Will that cut work air-dried & in a ponytail?”
My friend Kara did this awhile back. I’ve decided to take my own hair journey down memory lane…
I cut off my entire life’s worth of long hair right before my senior year of high school. I used a lot of hair spray and took a lot of pictures for Livejournal. And Friendster. And Myspace. We called this look “shotgun blasted.”
I started growing it out in college. I used less hair spray and more appropriate products, but I still took silly pictures.
Then I met Chris. He liked long hair and I liked him. I grew it long, much to my parents’ appreciation. I stopped along the way to enjoy fun layers and a little color.
EDIT: Let’s not forget the bangs. My sweet roomie reminded me!
We got married and then we got pregnant. I kept it long. I didn’t want to do anything that would make me look any bigger than I already was.
But I decided to cut it when Ames was a few months old.
The Mommy Cut:
I was feeling funky that summer and decided to keep it short for one more trim:
A few days later, I found out I was pregnant again. Yikes! The next nine months were spent growing it out. There were definitely lots of ponytails, split ends, bobby pins, faded colors, & awkward photos.
But alas…I got my hair done a few weeks ago.  She had to cut the dead stuff off, so I lost an inch or two. But I love it. And of course, I received the perfect style & blow-out before leaving the salon. It’ll probably never look like this again:
Here I am the next day at 7am, after sleep & before Lucas’ graduation. Most likely a more realistic picture of how it’ll look, since I’d been to the pool the day before and let it air-dry:
I will continue to grow it until it gets super long again. I’ll play around with color (hopefully soon), but I won’t cut it off again for years. Maybe forever. I’m a no-fuss kind of girl, and long hair suits me best. And besides, my husband wants to lay me to rest with a head full of long white hair.

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  1. Well getting the occasional trim will help you grow it longer and healthier… (Going for one myself in 2 weeks, lol!) Lovely hair ^_^

  2. If you like growing your hair out, but still want a cut every once in a while, you could donate your hair. Pantene Beautiful Lengths makes (free) wigs for women who have had cancer. I’ve donated mine twice. It’s still a nice length even though it was cut short a couple of months ago. Oh and they only require an 8 inch ponytail, unlike ‘locks of love’– who it seems everyone donates to, they require 11 inches of hair I think and the families HAVE to pay for the wigs for the kids. Bummer.

  3. Amanda – “the occasional trim” is usually done by me or my husband, WHO’S BALD. I should probably take more pride and get a real trim every now & again :)

    Jill – I still have my ponytail from the HUGE cut years ago. At the time, they wouldn’t take it because it had been color-treated! It’s totally in a ziplock bag, and I’d love to donate it. I’ll look into it!

  4. K. Seriously you have amazing hair. I have hair envy.

    Everytime something big happens in my life, I cut my hair. Moved out. Cut my hair. Got married. Cut my hair. Got pregnant cut my hair. Had a baby. Cut my hair. Got pregnant. Cut my hair. Currently I’m still pregnant and have decided that I will NOT be cutting my hair after baby is born. Easier said than done, as my Sis in law is a hair dresser.

  5. Gorgeous! Even at 7am the day after.

    And I think my hair journey is probably much more embarrassing than yours – you pretty much looked good with all these ‘dos.

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