getting on my marriage soapbox…

But not here! I’m a guest on Sara’s blog today, Prairie Hen. She asked me a few questions about motherhood, and (of course) I had to share my two cents about having a marriage-centered family! To answer a few recently-asked questions: The term I got from Andy Stanley; and so far, no books, etc. But I’m on the look-out!

I’ve spent the last hour on the phone, catching up on missed phone calls from the last week. Unfortunately, no loved ones were involved. I did, however, talk myself silly with plenty of doctor’s offices, accounting offices, insurance companies, etc. And the day is only getting more exciting. I’m about to take the Suburban into the shop, as the air conditioning suddenly went out yesterday afternoon. Yikes!

Instead of closing with bellyaching, I’ll leave you with a sweet moment I captured on my phone while nursing last night. The sisters are really taking to each other. There are plenty of kisses, waves, high-fives, (and in this case, high-feet) to go around. Happy Monday!

Edit: Somehow my post disappeared into Internet-land earlier today. I’m going to continue to blame the new Blogger format for all of these recent glitches until I come up with a better explanation. I did my best to recreate it just now. While the post deleted itself today, I spent sweet time over a Carolina BBQ lunch with my parents. My mom also rescued me from a long wait at the auto shop. The repair bill is literally ten times what I expected, but God is still good and the backyard fence can wait… right? Choosing joy! Choosing contentment! Trying!

7 thoughts on “getting on my marriage soapbox…”

  1. I love the idea of a “marriage-centered family”, but it definitely is difficult! We bought a great book called “Great Parents, Lousy Lovers” by Gary Smalley and Ted Cunningham. Overall it had great insights (there were some “reaching” moments w/scripture IMO) but I would recommend it. I think we’ll probably keep re-reading it over and over throughout the next 18-20 years :)

    Is your church a satellite of North Point?

  2. Totally agree with a marriage centered family. It can be hard (even when you don’t have children…work, school, etc. all vie for your attention!) but I really think it’s one of those “good things are worth fighting for” things.

    Praying for you today for a release of anxiety and stress. :) Oh and THANK YOU for always reminding us to choose joy and contentment. I think that’s one of the reasons I’m hooked on your blog – because I SO need that reminder on a daily basis…when the baby won’t stop crying, when the car breaks, when I leave the laundry in the washer and now it smells moldy. I’m really having to make a choice to choose to walk in the joy that is already in me because the fruit of the Spirit is in me. I appreciate any little reminder of living with purpose that I can get!

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