friday mash-up


A seventy-degree day meets seven-day-old snow. Sweater c/o Joules.

This week, Influence Conference tickets went on sale. There is lots of goodness on the network blog in honor of conference season, so be sure to check it out. We’ve been running fun giveaways all week and if you buy yours today, you’ll be entered to win an iPad mini. Ummm, get on that!

This week, an 84 year-old man on my street died in a house fire… after saving his wife. I think that might be the sweetest, saddest love story ever. Apparently they shared that home for more than fifty years, and he even kept a cherry tree in the yard so he could make her pies?!

This week, I fell in love with gold glitter nail polish and there’s a chance I’ll never take it off as long as I live. I also pulled an all-nighter, saw a counselor for the first time ever, and beat my grocery budget by three dollars. It was a pretty wild few days.

This week, Andy Stanley got himself into some hot water with this article. I can say what I want here because this is my space, right? I couldn’t be prouder. The gospel is dripping with grace, but that can leave it messy. I wasn’t always okay with the tension, but I am now, and I’m proud to serve under a leader who feels the same.

Have a fantastic weekend, folks!


6 thoughts on “friday mash-up”

  1. Rachael–I have loved your blog for years. But I am commenting because it is through your blog that I found my church in Denver. You had mentioned Andy Stanley before and two of my pastors are from North Point. I grew up in Charlotte and actually my parents live in your parents’ neighborhood (I remember your dad from swim team :) anyways, long comment to say, this article made me proud to. Living the true essence of the Gospel is often uncomfortable, but it doesn’t mean we aren’t called to do just that. Thanks for your honesty on so many levels. You inspire, girl.

  2. thanks for providing that link. i don’t know if andy stanley is right all the time but he certainly comes dang close to it. just wish i lived close enough to go to his church!

    1. Try to find a North Point partner nearby, and watch online if that doesn’t work! I don’t think anyone’s right all the time. I’m okay with that; just glad to be in a church that speaks into the conflicts instead of running away from them (or causing them)!

    1. Wet & Wild, I think? It was on sale at Walgreen’s and I scooped it up for the girls… hasn’t quite made it onto their nails yet, though.

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