football fun

Neither of the big boys have ever gotten into a routine of seasonal sports. They’re super athletic, and they can hang with pretty much any street game in the neighborhood. But it’s always been a struggle to balance different households, finances, and schedules to make an extracurricular team work.

This fall, Lucas Grey ushers us into a new season of life – school sports. He’s on the seventh-grade football team, and the whole family rejoices. Everyone from neighborhood friends to different sets of grandparents to my brother & his friend have joined us on the bleachers at one game or another. Lucas glances up at us from the field often and our hearts swell with pride, collectively as one. One afternoon, his mom and I waved frantically back at Lucas, only to realize his hand was directed at one of the cheerleaders. I also have to drive him home from practice with the windows down, to air out the gym bag funk. Manhood is upon us, people.

Cornerback, in case you wondering. 
Goooo Yellow Jackets!

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    1. I don’t know if I’ll ever have photos of their mom on here, but Avery’s face? Spitting image. I love how they look like each other, but like their (different) parents too. And our babies, as well. It’s all worked out so well, so we never have a ton of explaining to do ;)

    1. There was some sort of pep rally at the beginning of the year, and the boys’ mom said the whole gym went crazy when they called Lucas’ name… don’t doubt it for a second!

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