Five things on a Friday.

I didn’t branch out as much with personal care this year, sticking to my goal of not replacing products until I was in need. I also wish I had gotten more facials, but overall, we had a good and glowy year. Without further ado… my top five beauty finds from 2018, in no particular order.

  1. Micellar water, Bioderma. The concept might sound silly or bougie, but micellar water is legit. I apply it with a cotton ball in the morning, instead of washing my face. At night, it’s great for eye-makeup removal. It leaves my face feeling soft and not stripped, which is great before makeup in the morning, and actives (serums, etc.) in the evening.
  2. Sunscreen glow stick, Supergoop. The fact that I used it for two days without realizing there was a plastic cover on it notwithstanding, this is my new favorite product. It makes me dewy all over, which is my only skin goal in life. It can go under or over makeup. I also like the idea of applying protective and natural ingredients that do something, and not just another layer of makeup to get the look I want.
  3. Banana brightening eye cream, Ole Henriksen. After walking out with a free sample from Sephora one too many times (it was wrong; I repent), my husband surprised me with the full-size (the only kind of surprise I like). It moisturizes, plumps, and brightens my under-eye area prior to makeup application.
  4. Almond shower oil, L’Occitane. I fell in love with this a decade ago (funny story: a customer left a bag full of it in Chris’ store and they never could track her down). This year, I decided to implement it into my routine as a necessity. I actually use it as a shaving gel, so it lasts several months.
  5. Deodorant, Lavanila. I gave up antiperspirant/deodorant years ago, and the detox thing is real – going without really has cut down on both sweating and odor for me. I needed more than just tea tree oil to get through this summer’s humidity, though, and discovered this at my bestie’s house. I’m still wearing it several months later, with no complaints! I feel less damp, and the mild pleasant scent lasts all day.

Looking forward to new fun finds in 2019. Cheers!