first trimester lifesavers

Now that we’re nearly halfway through this pregnancy, I thought I’d look back and share some of the things that got me through the first few months…

1. Vitafusion PreNatal gummy vitamins. Even the kids and Chris like them!
2. McDonald’s french fries. I probably don’t need to say more.
3. Professional gel manicures. After three, I’m tempted to buy a kit!
4. Anything that Aveda offers, especially the Rosemary Mint collection.
5. White chocolate mousse frozen yogurt, by TCBY. Counts as a meal on the rough days.
6. Ondansetron 4mg tablets. One nightly, unless I want to pay dearly the next morning.

I know each pregnancy is magical in its own way, but I was not sorry to leave the first trimester behind for one last time. What about you? What helped you during those early weeks?

15 thoughts on “first trimester lifesavers”

  1. I would seriously NOT have made it through my first trimester without my Zofran. What a lifesaver. And I need to check out these Prenatal gummies, my vitamins make me even more nauseated than I already am.

    1. I agree, they are awesome. the usual suspect in vitamins that’s the ‘yuck’ is iron and these either don’t have any, or it’s low, so they don’t hurt your stomach like regular prenatals, which go overboard on iron. You have to take 2, but they don’t even get ‘old’, I’ve had like 3 bottles now, and I don’t get annoyed with taking them. They are good for nursing moms, too.

  2. My first pregnancy, I was shocked I didn’t give birth to a french fry. They were the only thing I could eat without puking or getting terrible heartburn. I know it’s cliche but ginger ale really helped with my nausea. And sour candy!

    1. The last time WAS supposed to be the last time… it’s just that two babies came at once, and then one more surprise after that ;) Last time for sure. Absolutely positive!

  3. I was blessed with zero sickness while pregnant with my son. We will see if next time is as lucky ;)
    I did heavily crave ground beef, sour cream, and ranch dressing that first trimester!

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