eat the grapefruit


Chris & I were saving this grapefruit for a time when we could split it together. We moved it to the top basket of our hanging tier, in order to keep it from inquiring eyes and hands. Mornings are a bit hectic, though, so it sat. And sat. And sat. And went bad. As I threw it into the compost pile, I couldn’t help but smile at myself. This is the first good thing in awhile that I’ve ruined in the name of waiting. That must mean I’m on my way.

You see, I used to be notorious for holding onto things for the right time. I’ve let chocolates go bad, outfits miss their season, library books return unread. Because there never is a truly perfect time for anything, is there? So let’s go for it. I’m reading the books. I’m wearing the outfits and eating the chocolates. I even used both bath bombs within a week of receiving them when Hadassah was born!

This is a challenge for everyone, but especially moms… Grab your moment. Make it yours, soak it up, and store it away for memory’s sake. Please, don’t let the grapefruit go bad.

3 thoughts on “eat the grapefruit”

  1. You just make so much sense to me. My spirit grows a little wiser after reading your posts. Thank you for your blog. Reading it is something I always look forward to.

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