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Ames loves bathing. Showers are a rare treat, considering how much time (and water) the kid spends on the pastime. He’d stay in the shower all day if I’d let him, and he’s forever pulling the curtain back to show splash me how much fun he’s having.

Like I said, Ames loves bathing. What Ames does not love is getting clean. My boy detests soap – any kind, any form, any approach, any body part. He screams as if he’s hurt, before my hands even reach him. Bath time tends to head downhill rather quickly, once it’s time to get down to business. So imagine my surprise last week, when Ames didn’t fight me when I initiated the wash phase. Instead, he made a simple request.

The hot soap? What hot soap, love?
He held his hands up to his face, chubby fingers in the shape of a heart & baby blues peeking through. 
He’d spotted it, whatever it was. He was pointing to our Baby Mantra goodies.

Apparently, the Baby Mantra logo reminds our imaginative boy of a heart (UPDATE: I finally see the heart, thanks to one of you!). I’m okay with that, because I’ve fallen in love with this stuff. The Baby Grocery Store sent over a few bath time products last month, as part of our new partnership. I’d mostly been saving the soap & lotion for the sisters, but apparently Ames grew attached after I shared it with him one night.

I guess it’s a good thing. His skin has proven far more sensitive than any of the other kids, and the coconut oil in the Baby Mantra doesn’t dry him out. I’m also grateful that the wash can be used head-to-toe, so I don’t have to switch out products halfway through. I’m tempted to pull the lotion from the girls’ room, in order to tend to Ames’ high-maintenance winter issues. I’ve read some success stories regarding Baby Mantra and eczema, so I’m optimistic!

Last night, Lucas gave Ames his bath and sure enough… I was summoned about halfway through the fun. Lucas asked, “He keeps asking for heart soap. What is that?”
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7 thoughts on “deliciousness. heart soap. baby mantra.”

  1. Hi Rachel!

    Just an idea for your boy and his skin, I use pure almond, calendula and argan pure for my little boy and so far it’s worked miracles. Each separately. I’ve managed to get rid of rashes and dry skin in no time. I use the ones from this lab: Pranarom, not sure if it exists in the US (I’m a reader from Spain).

    Love reading you and congratulations on your new addition to the family!

    I am happy to read about Ames, I was missing hearing of his developments and creative ways.


    1. This comment was the sweetest! Glad you enjoy our Ames stories. We do love calendula, but I’ve never tried almond or argan. I’ll have to try to find some!

  2. I love the Baby Grocery Store. When we left the hospital two weeks ago with our little bebe, I asked the husband to please stop by TBGS on our way home to purchase a few things I knew I would need in the coming days.

    Whoever your older boys marry will have won the husband lottery. The fact that they are so helpful with the little ones is the most precious thing. You guys are raising world changers.

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