cloth diapering series: the potty

it’s time to potty-learn, ames!
After half-heartedly practicing elimination communication for over a year now, we’re hoping potty-training will be a smooth & easy transition from diapers. So far, so good! He points to his crotch and says, “tee tee” (except it comes out sounding like he’s referring to a TSETSE FLY). There’s also a lot of “UH-OH” and running for the potty, usually after he’s already gone. But it’s okay, we’re making progress! He had his first real I’m-gonna-tell-you-and-then-I’m-actually-gonna-poop-in-the-toilet experiences with Auntie Jess at the beach last week. So thankful for friends who will strip my kid down, set him on the potty, and celebrate with jelly beans!
I also ordered some of these trainers, recommended by one of you! We do a lot of nekkid time, and I’m hoping these badboys will prevent major accidents all over the house. I know we have a lot of kids, but I’d like to keep our living space as yuck-free as possible. These trainers also have a little insert that can be removed, turning them into real “big boy undies.”
As far as diapers go, Ames usually wears a prefold or flat, folded into thirds and laid in a cover. This way, he can feel wetness pretty immediately and let us know when he needs to be changed.
With Chris & I both being home so much, we figured this was as good a time as ever. If it takes months, that’s okay. We’re going to be changing diapers for awhile anyway! But fingers crossed that he catches on quick and makes the leap to the big boy world of underpants & aiming for cheerios as toilet targets. Yikes… we’ll have to get him a stool. He’ll probably be two feet tall for the rest of his life. Oh, and cloth diapers are the only things that hold his pants up now anyway. We’re in trouble!

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  1. When Harley made the move to panties her pants also made the move to “we’ll wear these again in a year!” She’s back in 12-18 month pants now that she doesn’t have a cute little cloth tushie…never mind that she’ll be 3 in January!

  2. I feel your pain with the clothing dilemma! My almost 2 year old recently potty learned and I had to go back and pull out the 6-9 months size shorts for her to wear. I have no clue what I’m going to do this winter when she needs a 9 month size waist, but a 2T size length! Best of luck with the PLing…we did the naked route and it worked like a charm.

  3. Man I intended to cloth diaper my littlest one, but just never found the flow and transition workable… one perk being that it seems that the little ones who are CD’ed PL a lot faster. Ah well… it’s never too late right?

  4. Just came across your blog a little while ago and have been lurking, but I had to tell you those little trainers are the cutest. Gabe’s room is in that print :) (My mother is a quilter and did his valances, a full size bed cover, and a toddler bed cover, plus 4 pillow cases) I love love LOVE that print. Where did you get those? I may have to grab some up for Gabe when we start to PT him.

  5. Jude is still working on potty training. He has very little interest in it at all but can pretty much do everything on his own when we get a rare opportunity when he shows interest. He def a slow adapter but I think one day he’ll just get it. *fingers crossed!

  6. Ooh, I’m glad I read this, and the comments. Now I’ll be sure to save any and all pants/shorts for little Adelaide for after the fluffy bottom is gone!

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