Changing the glass.


Just before Christmas, I spent the entire day getting both of our cars serviced. It was the only free day I had all week, and I could think of ten million other things I’d rather be doing. But I tried to stay positive and remember how blessed we are to have two cars that need servicing. And besides, I’d lined up childcare so I wasn’t in a rush. I brought my computer and got some work done while I fended off the usual you-need-this and spend-money-on-that discussion that ensues during a harmless oil change. As the hours dragged on, I got to thinking about how powerful it could be to change my glass, to really grab hold of my circumstances and look at things differently.

Our vehicles aren’t the nicest & shiniest, but we don’t have a car payment. My food is forever threatened by toddlers, but they use their manners and always ask before swiping at my plate. I drive both to and from work in the dark, but I only have to do it three days a week. I haven’t had time or money to myself for shopping and a spa day in years, but I never eat a meal alone. My house is drafty, but it also boasts three fireplaces. My evening couch space and television choices are crowded by teenage boys, but they actually enjoy hanging out with us.

It might feel forced or cheesy, but perspective truly can make all the difference. Sometimes I just need to turn my head upside-down and look. My glasses are all so, so full.

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  1. What a perfect message for me this morning! Yesterday on the way to work, I slide off the interstate from the snow & ice. Here I stood in 5″ of snow, staring at the headlights of my car and thinking all the negative thoughts I could (ok, maybe for the moment it was ok).
    – I wonder how bad the car body is damaged? (it was 5:45a & very dark)
    – I don’t know how I’ll pay for the repair(s) / the wrecker
    – What if someone else slides off the road and hits me and my car while I wait?
    – How am I going to get to work and back now?
    – Where is that big sign I saw when I was going off the road… oh, it’s wedged UNDER my car – wonderful!

    It took me minutes- a few hours (maybe until I got towed out and drove home) to be able to realize how lucky was
    – I was not injured in any way
    – I would find a way to pay
    – I have friends nearby that work where I do so I can get rides (easily)
    – No one hit my wreaked car
    – An off duty officer actually stopped to make sure I was ok before the local police got there
    – I was not injured, I was not injured!

    Why are we normally geared to the negative? I know a lot of mine was physical shock of the ordeal, but yesterday afternoon I really gave a lot of thought to how lucky I was and how God was watching over me in my moments of fear. He put that off-duty policeman (from a town 35 miles north) passing by me at that exact time I needed warmth and for someone to tell me I was ok.

    Life us all those moments and it made me really mindful that I need to be thankful all day long – each moment long for what I have!

  2. Rachael, You are officially my favorite blogger. I’ve always loved your blog among many others but I just love the way you write. It’s engaging, simple, yet so meaningful. I love that your posts are usually short but packed full of authenticity and honesty about life. So please keep writing because I’m a fan:)

  3. This is so honestly written and couldn’t hold more truth. The things you say really hit home for me as a mama of two boys under two. You have a beautiful family and a beautiful soul! Thank you for sharing pieces of your life…it has definitely made a difference in mine :)

  4. You know I have been a lot of this recently and this is just a confirmation that it is something that I need to keep up… looking at things different glasses! or rather turning it the other way around! I was truly bummed yesterday when our son announced he was changing his airline ticket and leaving a day earlier…. i am not going to lie, i wanted so badly to just cry!! but then it hit me.. he is being responsible, he is making a mature decision to leave a day earlier so he WILL NOT be snowed in here as there would be serious repercussions if he did. The consequences for being snowed here at home? Well he would have to start his current Army course all over… yes 8 days from completion and he would have to go back to day 1 of a grueling 8 week course. He stayed out ALL night last night with friends and at noon is sleeping…. however those friends are good Christian friends who have been a support and a good influence on him. It allowed him to draw closer to them, to enjoy one last bit of Christian fellowship & encouragement as he goes back into a tough world. Am I missing spending that last little bit of time with him today? Do I wish we could play one last game together as a family? Enjoying a bit of homemade pizza before he leaves (which had been my plans for tonight… an evening he had promised me since he has been in and out most of this week…) yes i am saddened a bit but I am just so glad he surprised me by coming home for Christmas! That we ended up with him home with us for TWO weeks! That he was able to go back with us to visit family after Christmas.

    Thank you very much for the reminder, the confirmation, and the inspiration!!

  5. Hello! I love this post. I love your positive perspective and how you fight to keep it amongst the trials of everyday life. I started reading your blog a few months ago and wanted to thank you for being an encouragement to me! I have a 2 year old boy and 9 month old twin girls, and seeing you a few years ahead of me in the journey always leaves me smiling and excited for what is to come. Blessings to you and your sweet family!

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