It’s safe to say that almost every time I sign on to Instagram, I check Jami Nato’s page. Her kitchen chalkboard has been speaking to me for weeks now, and I’m so thankful she decided to invite us aboard her #letsgetpraisy adventure. I knew she was on to something when I watched her full-on share the gospel with a gal through a Flo Rida song. No joke. Jami waves the flag of the gospel wherever she goes, and y’all… she’s been places. Like to the edge of the marriage cliff, post-affair. But the thing is, her anthem isn’t a song of forgiveness, or even rap music. She’s just about Jesus and His story for us. One of the beautiful things about the love of the Father is that it meets us where we’re at. I only had to listen to the radio for a few seconds before I was reminded of his tireless pursuit of us.

i listened; therefore, i learned.

I heard the Lord tell me to go, and so I answered. A bit hesitantly, almost begrudgingly, but I answered. And my life was changed in Indianapolis.

I learned what it means to receive the gospel, and not just believe it.
I learned how to take pride in my brand, because that’s what it is.
I learned that the wrong timing makes a right thing wrong.
I learned how to monetize my blog, in order to provide for my family.
I learned to develop a brave yes and a strong no.
I learned to distribute and collect business cards without feeling awkward.
I learned that growth is winding, and not always linear.
I learned to identify my own, personal spheres of influence.
I learned a bit about communicating to a large group.
I learned that I need to see a counselor.
I learned what it means to minister out of vulnerability.
I learned to see grace and the cross in a whole new light.
I learned about a few people & companies who are changing the world for better.
I learned that the Internet is real and precious.
I learned that when I opened up, there were arms & ears awaiting me.
I learned to hold my own opinions loosely, that I might learn from others.
I learned that it’s time to grow my skin a bit thicker and my heart a bit softer.

I’m so thankful to have been a part of this past weekend, and to have served as a community leader. The friendships, the encouragement, and the inspiration far surpassed my expectations.
I caught a glimpse of where the Lord’s taking me, and I couldn’t be more honored.

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