Carolina Placenta Lady giveaway *CLOSED*

It’s about to get really crunchy up in here.
I choose to ingest my placentas after childbirth.
If you’re still reading, let me explain…
I stumbled upon this website during my pregnancy with Ames. I wanted to use any and every weapon I could to fight off postpartum depression. And of course I wanted to give my milk supply a boost, especially because I was returning back to work so soon. The placenta acts as a filter, sort of like a liver, during pregnancy. It also has the capability to give nutrients back to your body, after birth. I’ve found it provides a sort-of balance after the giant hormonal shift during the postpartum phase.
After his birth, we dehydrated Ames’ placenta to the best of our ability. It smelled almost sweet as it dried in the oven, but it wasn’t unpleasant. However, we were unable to dry it enough and grind it appropriately into a powder, to put into capsules. 
All that was left was a small piece of raw placenta that we’d placed in a mason jar and filled with vodka. This was to be used as a tincture, after it steeped in the freezer for six weeks (perfect timing for my return to work). I put a small spoonful of the vodka in a glass of juice once a day. It’s not actually “eating” the placenta, like one might picture. Placebo effect or not, this really worked for my family. When we became pregnant again, we decided to use a professional for this placenta.
Thanks to Christina from Carolina Placenta Lady, we were able to get the twins’ placenta encapsulated within twenty-four hours of their birth! She included a card with dosage instructions, as well as the dehydrated umbilical cords in a pretty little fabric pouch. They were woven together in the shape of a heart.  The pouch hangs in their nursery, not unlike a lock of hair from a toddler’s first cut.
Carolina Placenta Lady’s website offers a whole host of resources and reading material, if one is interested in learning more about placenta encapsulation & ingestion. And thanks to Christina, one of you local ladies is going to win a free placenta encapsulation!

To enter: “LIKE” Carolina Placenta Lady on FacebookCome back here & tell me you did, leaving your email address. I’ll draw a winner April 19. Thanks, and good luck!

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  1. I have never heard of this but my interest is totally piqued!
    (BTW, I’m done having children so I’m not placing this comment to enter… just leaving a little blog love.)

  2. I just met with my doula last night and I to am going to ingest my placenta in pill form. I didn’t do this with my first child, but I am so excited to do now!

  3. how do you get your placenta from the hospital to the carolina placenta lady? i’ve heard that many hospitals won’t allow you to take it, due to biohazard laws?

  4. Mary Suz – there is no law preventing you from getting your placenta home! As long as the doctor approves it, it is yours. The nurse manager personally delivered mine to my room, because we had discussed it several time beforehand. It does help to be prepared, though!

  5. I’m not entering because I’m not local, but I am SO VERY JEALOUS of you! How awesome to have someone who does this! When I get pregnant again, I definitely want to do encapsulation! So awesome that you blogged about it!

  6. Oh this would be perfect after struggling with low supply with my first two! Liked her on FB and CONGRATS on the sisters’ arrival mama!

  7. Expecting my second child (first son) on August 22nd. I “liked” on FB and would love to win! srfetzer (at) gmail (dot) com

  8. Pick Me!!! Im not due until Nov 25th, but I want to do this so bad! Kimmyjoyling(at)aol(dot)com.
    Rachel, thank you for posting about this and hosting a giveaway! You rock!! <3

  9. I LIKED Carolina Placenta Lady on Facebook — and I voted for you. #suckup!

    My email address is audreybmosley at gmail dot com

  10. Hey fellow CM! I liked CPL on FB! So excited to have come across this…I’ve never heard of it but it sounds fantastic! After two medicated hospital births, Im going all NL (birthing center, hypnobabies & placenta encapsulation) this time around =) EDD July 2011!

  11. Ohmygosh I would LOVE to win this, I LIKE her on FB and my email address is zandipandi2001 at yahoo dot com

  12. Josh and a friend did this for me with Wells’ placenta. What a lovely postpartum treat!

    I “like” the Placenta Lady on FB! :)

  13. You always have such amazing information to share – would love a chance to win!
    Erin McMorris

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