bringin’ the Word(s)

Chris headed out a few minutes ago for a coffee date with a friend. All of a sudden, the front door opened again. “Momma? Can you come out here for a minute?” he asked. I stepped outside & into the heavenlies.

Three ladies waited on our driveway… students with Morningstar’s school of ministry. You might not be into the idea of people doing ministry door-to-door, but we enjoyed it a whole lot more than the man selling meat from the back of his truck a few hours before! Representing different generations and three different countries, they respectfully asked if they could pray for us and for the babies. Apparently, the Lord had additional items on the agenda. We didn’t tell the women specifics. We just decided to go with it. What came out of their mouths was nothing short of the Holy Spirit.

They prayed:

that the sisters will not come a day before they’re ready, and that their lungs will be fully formed. how God has known these baby girls since the beginning of time, and the twins will testify to that from an early age. how Christopher’s love & adoration for me could be tangibly felt as we stood in the driveway, and that it was an example of God’s love for us. that Chris will be able to show that kind of love to his daughters and share it with others. how I have a gift for reaching women and a heart for helping those in need. that I will be able to use this pregnancy and season of motherhood to speak to other women and touch their lives. that our finances will be a supernatural testimony to God’s faithfulness. that we should ask big, because God wants to give big. that I should open myself up to others’ help and be verbalize exactly what I need. that God will give me time to myself after these babies are born. that I have been carving out a sacred space for He & I for a long time. that Chris & I are worshippers, and that we will show others what freedom in worship looks like. that God has put His mark on our family. we are right where we need to be.

yikes.  I mean, what else do you say? Amen. Praise’m.

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  1. AMEN! that is what i’m talking about. dead on. love you and those girls and those boys of yours! you guys are truly something special.

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